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    yes, he lost in the 2nd round to a less known wrestler who lives and practices in the same area where Kortoev does, that means they know each other's skills very well.

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    Thanks, akzent!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    yesterday 55 - the Russian top wrestlers Israpilov and Lebedev were seeded. They were expected to meet in the finals. But a guy of North Korea beat Lebedev and later also Israpilov (final). The name of the Korean - Ter Ir Yang. He appeared to be the 2009 world champ Kyong Il Yang. Hmmm... Korean names...

    Otarsultanov withdrew after an eye-brow cut in the 1st round.

    Akzent, I'm not familiar with North Korean culture. Why would he change his name?

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    I doubt he changed his name, it was probably just a translation problem. I watched the webcast and it was definately the same guy.

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    Akzent, if possible please find a way to get some videos online. The webcast was pretty brutal...

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    no videos available yet.


    In the upper part of the barckets, Fatih Chakiroglu (Tur) won.
    Bahtiar Akhmedov withrew after his 1st match; didn't shou up vs. Chakiroglu in the quarters.

    In the low part:
    In the qualification round, Mocco beat the Chechen Hizar Durgaev; Dlagnev beat a less known wrestler of Caucasus.

    In the round of 16, Dlagnev def. Mocco.
    In the quarters, Alan Dzampaev def. Dlagnev. Then Dzmapaev lost the semis to Alexei Shemarov (Blr), so Dlagnev was out.

    A boring final Shemarov vs. Chakiroglu 3:0, 1:0 in both periods from the clinch.

    Dzmapaev placed 3rd.
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    96 kg

    The seeded favorits Ketoev and Ibragim Saidov lost.

    Upper part:
    Ketoev won 2 matches, one of them vs. Anzor Boltukaev.
    He lost to Yurii Belanovski in the semis in 3 periods; in the 3rd period, Ketoev took leg for the clinch but failed to keep the hold and Belanovski won.

    Lower part:

    Cerminara pinned by an Azeri.
    Hrovat beat a guy from Kazakhstan.
    Ibragim Saidov beat Serhat Balci (Tur) in 3 periods. In the 1st period Balci had Saidov nearly pinned.

    Round of 16:
    Saidov lost to Shamil Akhmedov who eventually became finalist.
    Hrovat got pinned by a Caucasian guy in the 3rd period.

    Final: Belanovski beat Akhmedov.
    Ketoev placed 3rd.
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    Interesting developments this year:

    In 3 classes (55, 60, 120) - winners from nations other than Russia.
    2 finals (60, 120) without wrestlers of Russia (well Shemarov represented Russian until recently).

    In the last years, wrestling in Russia and in the other post-soviet states has been more or less ethnicaly marked - dominance of Caucasian wrestlers and (to some extent) Siberian/Asiatic wrestlers in the leight weights. Now we see a shift - Slavic wrestlers (60, 96, 120) come back after having been not successful for many years, while Caucasians lose their positions.
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    absolute class - 96 vs 120

    3rd place Chakiroglu def. Ketoev in 3 periods.
    1st palce Belanovski def. Shemarov 0:1, 1:1, 1:1.

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