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Thread: Freestyle/Greco rules, please explain.

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    Default Freestyle/Greco rules, please explain.

    I used to wrestle freestyle and greco both, I really enjoyed them. I understand the back exposure, takedown scoring, and touch falls, what I don't understand are the new rules and the way that the periods work.
    1. Is there supposed to be a break between periods like boxing or should it move from one to the next like collegiate wrestling?
    2. If a fall (touch or tech) is secured is the entire match over or just the respective period?
    3. "The ball grab" when is it used and how is it different from the Clinch (how Rulon scored his point)?
    4. What are the other major changes since 2000?
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    Default Re: Freestyle/Greco rules, please explain.

    Here's a link to the 2009 USAW Guide to Wrestling. On pg. 45, the procedures for the Greco-Roman Ordered hold are laid out.

    There is no "ball grab" (we like to call it random draw ) in GR, only FS.

    There is a 30-second rest between periods. You must win 2 out of 3 periods to win the bout.

    A fall will always determine the bout, at any point during the match. (pin=win)

    The only other majour change you need to be aware of is the step-out. If you step out of bounds, your opponent will be awarded a point. This does not apply however, if you happen to step out of bounds, while you successfully (i.e., score points) attempt a technique that you initiated in-bounds.

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