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Thread: Tournaments in Bulgaria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Did Prizreni go back to Albania?
    Yes it is Olympic Qualification year and he was wasting his time here.

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    What no more America for him? Or is he coming back next year?

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    Ghasem Rezaei of Iran who until recently wrestled at 84 kg beat Gaber at 96 kg, 2:0 periods.

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    Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, IRAN!

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    Hey Yazdani, you didn't say how did you like the style of safe wrestling I suggested to you in the Oodarysh thread?

    Well the FS tournament was boring. Let me at least add some piquancy.
    At that tournament, the 96 kg Krassimir Kotchev (33) of Bulgaria, 2nd at the 2001 worlds and 3rd at the 2003 worlds, made his come-back.

    He hasn't wrestled for almost two years. What did the guy do in that time? I cut some frames from a video (sorry for the bad quality)

    Kotchev getting ready

    Kotchev acting in dry spaces

    Kotchev acting in the rain

    The lady's artistic name is Malina (means Raspberry in Bulgarian). Here she is

    Raspberry and Kotchev

    The Raspberry has obviously exhausted him. With a 1:2 record, Kotchev placed only 7th yesterday.

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    Another Bulgarian athlete who is notorious for his appearances outside the sportive field is the amateur super heavyweight (+91 kg) boxer Kubrat Pulev. In the last several years, he medaled several times at worlds and euros and he is currently #4 in the ranking of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) in his weight class. Enjoy Mr. Pulev and Ms. Andrea

    More photos:

    Kotchev&Malina and Pulev&Andrea are harshly competitive in their business. Four months ago, in early April, it happened that the two couples entered one bar. They seem to have not sat too long there. Kotchev and Pulev (in one and the same weight division!) started a fight outside. In many forums of different combative sports, fans often discus whose background would be advantageous in a fight between two guys coming from different sports ? a wrestler and a judoka, a boxer and a karateka, etc. In that particular case in Sofia, the boxer destroyed the wrestler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yazdani View Post
    Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, IRAN!
    You shouldn't have exulted until the tournament was over. Only one Iranian placed first. Ironically, the big champs and other experienced Iranian wresters lost (Soryan to Mordovin) and it was a newcomer who won the gold medal.


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    Paslar looked very well in his first 2 matches,but against Dzukaev he was tired,it seems that his fizikal preparation was not good for this tournament-this is normall when he down in 66 from 84.Mihail Ganev was injured in the 1/4 final and our coaches stopped him from the competition.
    I do not like very much Bilial Mahov,he had a very close match with turkish wrestler,in the final the result against Boiadziev was 1:1 in the first period-i can not imagine that Mahov can win against Taimazov or Rodriges/of course if Rodriges will wrestle seriously/.Of course we can think and the other-the russian coaches did not want from him to show his 100% in this tournament,but we will see what is the truth later this year!

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    Any pictures?

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