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    Wrestling on horseback Oodarysh in Kyrgyzstan

    Victory is won by throw or take down.

    The color photo is from a festival held yesterday, July 28, 2007.
    The b/w photo is half a century older ? from a 1958 event.

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    yeah the horses must love this sport.

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    Don't think I'd like to fall under neath the horses.

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    Yazdani, if you fear falling to the ground in Central Asia, you must go further to the north, to the polar regions of Siberia where the Nenets ( reindeer herdsmen live in their autonomous districts (, You will find there a wrestling style in which landing on your own back is much safer because of the thick warm clothes wrestlers are wearing there. View the pictures, watch the video and convince yourself! Notice that they wear 2 coats. Under the color overcoat, there is a deer-pelt coat.

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