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Thread: Cleo Ncube

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    Beats Paulson handily to win 74 kg at the NYAC- they are saying that he'll probably by the OW as well on the broadcast. This comes shortly after he won an international tourmanent in India.

    Back in the day, Cleo used to have tremendously entertaining matches against all the top 66 kg wrestlers in Canada, looks like he'll be even better at 74! Got to be our deepest weight now.

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    Wasn't Paulson wrestling up?

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    An hour ago, Ncube won the Deglane tourney in France.

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    cle wrestles alot in european tournaments!

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    Full results anywhere Akzent?

    Cleo had made big jumps in sucess before. In high school and as a junior, he was obviously a very good wrestler but I don't think he particularly stood out as the next big thing (don't think if he won age class nationals until his last year). Then suddenly, wham! he was the sr. national team member. With 3 international tournament wins in a row, could we be seeing him improving to yet another level?

    I'd love to see Cleo against a world medallist right about now, just to see how far he has to go.

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    How has he fared against Gentry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    How has he fared against Gentry?
    last i saw it was a 3-0 3-0 match for gentry, both times a takedown and a turn i believe

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    Cleo has beaten Macdonald, our current world team member, at least once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Full results anywhere Akzent?
    at the bottom of the page

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