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Thread: Yoel Romero

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    I have no idea where the members of that big family live. He has 5 bros! One of them, Yoan Pablo Hernandez, is a profi boxer in Germany. He emmigrated there several years before Romero did.

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    who did Yoel fight? very nice. I would like to see Romero-Mo Lawal mma.

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    Lawal would kill him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shots View Post
    who did Yoel fight?
    That was an event in Germany, Dec 2009, with fighters from Germany and neighbor countries. Romero's opponent - Sascha Weinpolter of Austria with Muay Thau background.

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    Hubbard, how do you know Lawal kill him? They are very similar athletes. Have you seen Romero box? I reserve judgement until I see Romero in mma action.

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    Lawal's looked damn good. Romero beat an Austrian scrub. Who is Romero training with? Lawal is surrounded by an excellent MMA entourage. I doubt Romero is training with the same type of level of coaching in Germany. No, I haven't seen Romero box.

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    Let's see more of Romero before we pass judgement. If he has decent boxing, he can definetly compete at a very high level. Cuba has awesome boxing, so I am sure he has the right connects to train with the right guys. A few good Cuban amateurs now live in Germany.

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    Well if his brother is a professional boxer than we know he has access to good striking coaching and sparring. He is a world class wrestler so he would at the very least cancel out lawals wrestling. Not sure what the jiu jitsu scene is like in germany but i doubt its that strong but im sure he could travel to other locations.

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    How de we know his MMA wrestling cancels out Lawal's MMA wrestling?

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