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Thread: Yoel Romero

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    Was this at 84 kg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinartist View Post
    Was this at 84 kg?


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    well speaking of laliev, i think he is going to be a big threat at 84 kg. He looked prety good at worlds, even though he lost. I think he could definetly put together another run to the finals.

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    Today I read the first 3 Nos. (for 2008) of the monthly journal of the German federation. On the inside front cover of all 3 nos., Romero is posing/flexing muscles for the advertisement of this vitamin-mineral drink:

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    Romero came back!

    Sept 26 - his first match since late June 2007
    He wrestled at 96 kg for the team of Nuremberg, 2nd German League.

    more pics:

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    Akzent, Yusif ja zdes toje zaregistrirovalsja!

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    Livin' that western lifestyle with some nice tribal tattoos and up nearly 25 lbs. Nice!

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    you think he is happier now than he was back in cuba?

    on a contradictory note, he has a "family" tatoo. didn't he have to leave his entire family in cuba when he left?

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