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Thread: Haze & Ware

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    simple, freestyle is easier than greco.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    I doubt he's running from anybody. He's beaten Mango and Durlacher before.
    Not lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    Thanks for the video, though the link isn't working - if anyone wants to see that interview it's on the main Flo page. Nothing but class from Haze every time I see him, one of the good ones...

    I think Ware might be frustrated by the lack of success (at least by his standards) and keeps changing things up to see if he can find that perfect fit. I think he's clearly a guy that was PERFECT for the old 138.75 weight and is stuck between wrestling sucked down at 60kg or going against guys who have 15 pounds on him come match day at 66kg.
    He has had trouble with Greco. He seems a better fit in freestyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Not lately
    He's met him once this year and lost, it's true. But he won one period 4-0, and he's beaten him before. Obviously Mango has the edge on him, but Sam's right there with him.
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    noo... freestyle is harder...

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    Not at 55 kg in the United States right now (assuming Cejudo does not wrestle at 55 again).

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