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Thread: I'm curious about Canadian high school and college wrestling.

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    Electric!! I'm curious about Canadian high school and college wrestling.

    I don't know whether to really post this thread in the college, high school, or FS and GR forum. I know that since Canada wrestles in the international styles mostly; it kind of makes me what to post it to this forum.

    For any Canadians, I have these questions to ask:

    Just what styles are wrestled in high school and college (what Canadians mostly call "university") in Canada? Is it FS or GR or both? What are significant rule changes, if any, from the rules produced by FILA?

    This may be hard to answer, but has any Canadian wrestled American folkstyle? If so, what are the main differences in terms of the experience? Have you found it hard to transition between styles? Which styles, folkstyle or FS/GR are the most rewarding and fun experiences for Canadians?

    Do you find that wrestling is a popular sport among students in Canada? Has it gained the kind of traction it has in the United States with youth clubs and school/college teams?

    What other things are significant about high school and university wrestling in Canada that you think Americans should know?
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