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Discuss Your favorite wrestling memory. at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Yes I've posted this in three different areas so let's hear your favorite memory having ...
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    Default Your favorite wrestling memory.

    Yes I've posted this in three different areas so let's hear your favorite memory having to do with freestyle/greco or international wrestling.

    I'll start
    It was my sophomore year wrestling, and my first year wrestling freestyle. I was wrestling juniors at 191.5 and drew a nationally ranked wrestler from Grant's Pass (I don't remember his name). I caught him on his back and touchfalled him in the first round of the state freestyle tournament at Marshfield High in Coos Bay (Steve Prefontain's school).

    I also got to watch my cousin wrestle Kenny Cox and get tossed like a rag doll for 5 twice.

    That same year our club went to Butte Montana for the western regionals. What an incredible tournament.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory.

    My whole career was in freestyle and greco (mostly freestyle, wrestled in Canada and South Africa) so I guess we're talking career highlights here. I was never as good as I wanted to be; I think now I'm most proud of being able to compete at a reasonably high level with very limited natural athletic talent.

    Highlights as a competitor:
    Making my "zone" team for the provincial games as a jr high kid who knew nothing about wrestling, because no-one else entered the trials at my weight, and then placing a suprising 2nd at the games. I think the whole experience was what made me want to continue wrestling.

    Medalling in the Greco national championships as both a high school and a sr. level wrestler.

    Winning a provincial championship (after coming close and failing many times.)

    Highlights as a fan:
    Wrestled in the clansman one year in the college division. Scored a pretty big upset in the tournament before falling in the semis, but what was most inpressive was watching the Russian team wrestle. Farniev won 74 kg and MVP by throwing everyone at will. Gazumov 5 pt doubled Mo Lawal in the finals for the pin. I wrestled with Ketoev for 1/2 hour as he was cutting weight, that was something else.

    Daniel Igali's Olympic win was awesome too. He won 3 OT matches in a row (over Tavakolin, the Cuban and McIlravy) before winning an exciting final over Russia. Canada's first gold medal.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory.

    My favorite wrestling memory was the first time my dad watched me take a guy to school. He always said wrestling wasn't for me and not to try. Wrestling runs in the family and my uncle placed 2nd at Worlds in Edmonton. Every time I tried to convince him to set me up with a wrestling club he respectfully declined. It seemed as though he was trying to save me the trouble and failure.So I contacted a coach of a local club and began training. When my dad returned from a business trip I asked him to come watch one of my practices. He did not know it was a wrestling practice until we got there. Once he realized he got this nervous look of fear in his eyes that I had never seen before. He apprehensively watched as we warmed up and drilled some technique. At the end of practice we did some live wrestling I looked over at his nervous face and gave me a wink and a cocky look like "Chill the F&*% out I got this." Immediately I went to work, arm dragging the kid into a clinch with one underhook, I stepped over and hiptossed him right over me. Then let him up and shot for a clean double and finished it. I basically put on a clinic of everything I had learned in the past 6 months. After practice he was super excited exclaiming that the mats were the best he'd ever seen and what a great idea it was for me to start training. We went to the mall on the way home where he bought me a new pair of wrestling shoes (i was wrestling barefoot at the time). And since then has been quite supportive.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory.

    haha yea, now if he ever says no to something i say, i just remind him of the whole wrestling situation and he is forced to back down.

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