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Thread: 2009 Senior Worlds Results/Discussion: 55/66/96 FS Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    84: El Fatah (if he's still competing
    I don't think he will participate. 1,5 years ago he got banned for 2 years.

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    no, he refused to be tested.
    according to fila list of banned wrestlers:
    this happened in 2007. but he wrestled at the olympic qualifier in spring 2008.

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    Akzent, when will we see your predictions? Are you at the tournament?

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    55- nariman (rus) Murat Ramazanov win medal (Mkd)
    60 besik (rus)
    66 garzon cabarello (Cub) Hasnov Jinrail win medal (Aze)
    74 soslan tigiev (Uzb) or Chama (Aze)
    84 Gadisov (Rus)
    96 Gatsalov (Rus)
    120 Rexhep Kara (tur)

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    Assuming no Shahin (what's up with him anyway?) I'm hoping for a Stadnik/Garzon final. Could be the match of the tournament.

    Speaking of Stadnik, is the "Maria Stadnik" who's doing so well in women's his wife, his sister, or someone else entirely?

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    Shahin - The Turkish federation wrote on its site: Shahin has "gastroenterological problems"; will be treated soon in Belgium; is going to show up at the 2010 euros.

    In Herning, 3 Stadniks will wrestle – Andrey (UKR), Maria (AZE), Yana (UK).
    Yana is Andrey's sister, Maria is Andrey's wife. They are in one and the same weight class – 48 kg. Who will Andrey cheer for, if they face each other?!

    Andrey's and Yana's family name is Stadnik, whereas Maria's family name is Stadnyk – a difference in one letter/sound only. Stadnyk is her maiden name! I don't know whether she has adopted the married name Stadnik after she married Andrey less than 2 years ago. In Fila database and other Fila docs, she is still Stadnyk.
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    55, 66, 96 brackets - posted in the FS results section

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    With the brackets being posted and the tournament getting started tomorrow I've changed the title of this thread to keep things going here.

    Tough draw for Felix with Sevdimov to start things off although if he unfortunately does lose that match he's got a good shot at getting pulled through hopefully, Sevdimov would likely have Velikov or Lebedev in the semi's.

    Cool to see Heinrich Barnes in the 66 kilo bracket coming off his AA finish in college this year. Paulson has Spiridonov in the first round and then is in the same quarter bracket as Stadnik.

    Varner's draw does not look that bad. He's got the Iranian in his quarter, but he avoided Gazyumov (who's in the other half), Gatsalov and Gogshelidze (who are actually scheduled to face each other in the second round)
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