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Thread: Craig on Flo

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    Default Craig on Flo

    Will Craig be doing a Worlds video preview on Flo?

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    Hadn't planned on it. Perhaps when the brackets come out I'll do something quick.

    There's no way I can do it without knowing who exactly will be there.

    With the Olympics there were qualifiers so I had a good gauge as to who would be wrestling.

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    True enough. Worlds are always a surprise until the brackets are out.

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    it sucks that besides shahin, there will be no olympic champs returning

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    also shahin will not participate.

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    That sucks.

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    Good stuff as always Craig...

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    Default Re: Craig on Flo

    They're short, sweet and to the point and a great reference for those of us who cover international wrestling maybe once or twice a year. I've got the college and high school scene down, but little nuggets like this help more than you realize, at least, they help me. Kudos.


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