Coaches of Russia in Greco-Roman wrestling team has identified at the World Cup, which will be held in Herning (Denmark) 21-27 September.

Russia's team for the Greco-Roman World Championships 2009
55kg: Bekhan Mankiev. Bench-Nazir Mankiev, Valery Borgoyakov

60kg: Islam-Beka Albiev. Bench-Aslan Abdullin, Yuri Denisov

66kg: Ambako Vachadze. Bench- Adam Kurak, Seyran Simonian.

74kg: Yevgeny Popov. Bench-Alexander Chehirkin, Danial Hajiyev, and Imil Sharafetdinov

84kg: Aleksei Mishin. Bench-Oleg Shokalov, Evgeny Bogomolov.

96kg: Aslanbek Khustov. Bench-Rustem Totrov, Konstantin Efimov.

120kg: Undecided. Bench-Alexander Anuchin, Amin Laipanov, Shahroudi Ayubov, Alexander Ostapenko.

In my opinion, these are all great choices. We got three Olympic champs in there. I was a little skeptical at first about them choosing Nazir's brother over him, but after seeing him at the Grand Prix of Ivan Poddubny and European Championships, I feel he should do great. Although I do want his brother instead. They don't know about 120 yet. I think if they don't put Baroev there, then Anuchin will be put in there. Hopefully, they get Baroev there.

Overall it looks like a great team. I feel bad for the freestyle team. They still don't even have a single idea of who to get. I think it was pretty obvious at the beginning og who to choose. 55, 60, 84, and 96 were pretty much dead-on choices. Just now waiting for the Freestyle Team.