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Winning Russian nationals doesn't mean you're going to worlds so no it's not obvious, Akzent.
Gadisov is good but I can see him getting beat at Worlds.
Usually, it means that. But obviously not this year. The Russians have problems in all weights except for 120.
For instance – 84 kg, Ktsoev who was the best in the last several months lost at the nationals. The coaches wanted to test him again and sent him to the Baku Grand Prix last month. He lost also there. Saritov and Urishev have mixed results. No one can say who is the better one. Gadisov won the nationals but has no experience at international senior level. He has never wrestled at any international sr. tourney.

Similar situation at 55. The favorite Israpilov lost at the nationals; then he lost in Baku. On the other hand, Lebedev who won the nationals isn't regarded as Nr. 1 by many “experts”. His victories at the nationals weren't convincing.

Now the Russians will obviously use the Ziolkowski tourney in Warsaw as last international test for some of their wrestlers. At 84, they send both Saritov and Urishev there. (No word about Gadisov has been said since the nationals, as if he doesn't exist.)

55 – after Israpilov's failure in Baku, they are sending the national champ Lebedev and 5th placed Terteryan (lost Lebedev and later to Irapilov for the 3rd place).

No participants at 74 and 120. At 96, they send Gatsalov.

It will be a good tourney. Also other nations send wrestlers who have mixed results when wrestling each other or when appearing at international tourneys. For instance, Temrezov and Sharipov of Azerbaijan at 84.

Kazakhstan and Bulgaria will appear with their top wrestlers. Iran was going to do the same: Taghavi, Goudarzi, Lashgari, Ebrahimi, Masoumi... But the Polish consulate didn't issue visas to some of them and yesterday the head coach announced that the whole team withdrew, even those who already had visa and plane tickets.

Ukraine and Georgia are expected to send good wrestlers.

USA will be there with an university team - http://www.themat.com/section.php?se...rticleID=20683