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Thread: 6 weights

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    60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 120kg.

    Does anybody have any info about this? Is this the suggestion of FILA or IOC? When is the next meeting for FILA and discussion of the rules?

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    Good news, they are keeping the weights as are for the next 4 years.

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    so the way the weights were they will stay like that?

    i liked the old weights more!!!!

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    WTF?!?! Only 6 weight classess now? First it was 10, then 7 because some idiot decided to include women's wrestling. Now it's 6?! Why the hell do they keep lowering it? You might as well take wrestling out of the Olympics with this move. First of all this is just making harder for guys out there around the world to make their country's team because there are so little classes. Second, i want them to go back to 10 weight classes.

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    Read the second post again.


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    Yea but that's just for the next four years. Once the London Olympics are done, i think they are lowering it to six.

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    ioc is idiet

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecowrestler13 View Post
    then 7 because some idiot decided to include women's wrestling.

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    yea, dont be bashing womens wrestling. The really crappy thing about the 6 weightclasses is that the little guys that weight below 60 kilos wont have a fair chance. Otherwise i dont think its that bad, wrestlers can usually optimize their weight for the right weightclass, and all this means is more competition.

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