New Inspirational Sports Movie A Must See

Hollywood, CA [July 16th, 2007] The much anticipated DVD release of the critically acclaimed feature documentary, Veritas, is launched at the movie's official website

The compelling film follows All-American wrestler Jon Trenge as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a National Champion for his hometown school, Lehigh University. After undergoing five eye surgeries, Jon ignores doctors? warnings and risks permanent blindness to pursue his dream of becoming a champion. Jon?s opponents attack his eyes causing him to lose his temper and fight to defend his vision. Consequently, Jon is ordered to undergo anger management therapy where he learns valuable lessons about himself and the meaning behind competing in athletics.

?I think it is very representative of what I went through,? Trenge says. ?There are some things that are in the movie that are very therapeutic for me to watch.?

Jon's trusted coach, former U.S. Olympic wrestling coach, Greg Strobel, demonstrates not only what it means to be a great coach, but his positive approach and caring for his athletes makes him an amazing role model for coaches of any sport or any athletic administrator. ?The movie really captures the emotion, conflicts, adversity and struggles Jon experienced,? Strobel says. ?It is very accurate. We are not actors playing out scenes?this is the real deal.?

The NCAA News' Greg Johnson writes, ?You don?t have to be a wrestling aficionado to appreciate Veritas, you just have to appreciate a student-athlete?s resolve. Johnson raves, ?Above all, the compelling movie captures how a young man evolves as a person and learns lessons that he can apply in other aspects of his life.? The NCAA review concludes, ?The message is that the film shows how a person can grow through competing in intercollegiate athletics.

Veritas' director, Howie Miller, a former college athlete himself, believes, ?The most important message in the film is that we are not only remembered by our achievements, instead our success is measured by our relationships and the people who care about us.?

Veritas screened at the 2007 NCAA Wrestling Championships to a standing ovation, but this movie is not only for wrestling fans, it is for fans of any sport. Gary Blockus of The Morning Call writes, ?For anyone who loves wrestling, it's a five-star must-see documentary. For anyone who ever dared to compete in any sport, it's a compelling account of a young man's journey to reach his boyhood dream. Anyone who thinks they know what any athlete goes through needs to see ''Veritas.''

Executive Producer of the National High School Coaches Association Productions, Henry K. Priest, believes that this inspirational film should be a mandatory purchase for every school and every team. ?Any athletic director who wants to encourage leadership and character development should present this movie to all his coaches and athletes.?

The 75 minute film also is packed with heart-thumping DVD extras including a wrestling clinic taught by Jon Trenge and highlight music video that would pump up any sports enthusiast. To read articles written about Veritas and buy this highly recommended DVD visit!