The application for FILA licences is increasingevery year and the requested data often changes from one year to another (spelling mistakes,inversion of the name and first name, date of birth and sometimes nationality), thus causing many problems to the FILA administration.Therefore each athlete shall provide, from nowon, a recent photograph as well as his/her passport when purchasing a licenceat all competitions registered in the FILA Calendar. The organiser shallprovide the Technical Delegate or the Refereeing Delegate with a photocopier inorder to make a copy of each passport so he can return it to the FILA with theblue licence books.*When purchasing a licence online, a copy of thewrestler's passport shall be sent to FILA with the usual documents (form,photo, copy of the bank transfer).Only the licence applications with a copy of the passport will be validated andaccepted by FILA.*Thecontrol of the passport when applying for a licence enters in force as per today and will apply to everyChampionship even if the athlete already has a currently valid licence.