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Thread: Russian FS Nationals

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    Yes saitiev said he will retire

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pointcrossankle View Post
    wo wo wo wo wo, farniev and murtazaliev lost?
    Federation and coaches expected them to meet each other in the final. This was one of the 3 weight classes where top wrestlers were seeded; the other being 96 Gatsalov-Ketoev and 120 Makhov-Akhmedov.
    In the other 4 weights there were no seeds.

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    are olympic champs going to wrestle winners of the tournament at the camp?

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    No. 60 Batirov and 96 Muradov are not going to wrestle at the worlds.

    Day 3 - 84, 96, 120

    84 kg semis
    Albert Saritov def Anzor Urishev
    Abdusalam Gadisov def Hajimurad Nurmagomedov
    In the quarters Gadisov def Soslan Ktsoev 1:0 (ball), 0:1, 5:3

    96 kg semis
    Gatsalov def Shamil Ahmedov
    Ibrahim Saidov def Ketoev

    120 kg final
    Bakhtiar Akhmedov v. Bilial Makhov

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    Nice to see Tsargush break through. Did you catch a score for Saidov/Ketoev?

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    I didn't. I hope I'll get it later.
    Right now the medal matches at 96 begin.
    Saidov v Gatsalov in the final.
    Last year they met in the semis - [ame=""]96kg Semi Saidov v Hotsolev@@AMEPARAM@@player.setPostsId(989525);play er.setUsersId(192450);player.setUsersLogin("joeflo ")@@AMEPARAM@@989525@@AMEPARAM@@joeflo[/ame]

    84 kg
    1. Gadisov (Dagestan) - Saritov (Chechnia) 1:0, 2:1
    3. Ktsoev (Ossetia) - Nurmagomedov (Dagestan) 5:1, 1:0
    3. Urishev (Kabarda)

    Abdusalam Gadisov is the 2008 jr. world champ.
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    In the semis, Ketoev got pinned.
    Saidov won the 1st period on last scored point (result not available).
    In the 2nd period, Ketoev attempted a throw from stand but fell to his back and couldn't escape.

    BTW, except for the semis, all his matches was great; he didn't loose any point beating good wrestlers 3:0, 5:0; 4:0, 3:0; and in the bronze medal match few minutes ago 3:0, 2:0.

    96 kg
    1. Hajumurad Gatsalov (Ossetia)
    2. Said Ibragimov (Dagestan)
    3. Giorgi Ketoev (Ossetia)
    3. ???

    Gatsalov won 2:1 periods.
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    Why aren't Batirov and Muradov gonna wrestle? Are they taking the whole year off?

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    Maybe they follow the US example.
    Can you name any US guy who has wrestled after winning the Olympics?

    Does anyone have the results from the Canada Cup?

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