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Thread: Russian FS Nationals

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    The 55 kg Yakutian finalists at previous competitions:

    Lebedev placed 13th at the 2008 nationals and 2nd at Yarygin 2009 (lost the final to Israpilov 1:0, 1:0).
    At the same competitions Mikhailov placed 27th and 23rd respectively.

    Lebedev won the 2006 jr worlds at 50 kg but was stripped of his gold medal and got banned for 2 years after failing a doping test.

    A small cultural detail:
    Lebedev is actually not an Yakutian, but an Evenk. Has anybody ever heard of the Evenks?! This is a small (about 35.000) ethnic group living in the Arctic areas; traditionally nomadic reindeer herders. They are very good in reindeer races. Now they have a champ also in wrestling.

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    i have seen a show on Evenks, prety amazing that they survive prety much only on raindeer meet.

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    66 kg
    #8 Mairov def #27 Lampezhev
    #34 Dzhukaev def #60 Adam Batirov

    74 kg
    #18 Gostiev def #4 Murtazaliev
    #37 Tsargush def #26 Geduev

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    Wow Murtazaliev lost?

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    Murtazaliev looked tired.

    Gostiev (22) is an almost unknown wrestler. He was 2008 and 2009 champ of Ossetia. He placed 5th at Aliev tourney in May.

    He is said to have easily beaten all his opponents today. Before facing Murtazaliev in the semis, he beat Tsoroev (Aliev 2009 champ) and Friev who are good wrestlers.

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    66 kg
    1. Rasul Dzhukaev (Chechnia)
    2. Arsen Mairov (Kabarda)
    3. Adam Batirov (Dagestan)
    3. Amir Berukov (Dagestan)

    74 kg
    1. Denis Tsargush (Moskva)
    2. Alexander Gostiev (Ossetia)
    3. Anshur Geduev (Kabarda)
    3. Taimuraz Friev (Ossetia). Murtazaliev didn't show up vs. Friev.
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    Can't believe Murtazaliev lost. I was rooting for him to win it.

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    I wonder what's going on with Murta. Despite winning, he didn't look great at the Yargin either, Chama lit him up for a lot of points and he was unable to score on Farniev without the clinch.

    Russia has a tough decision to make regarding their 74 kg representative, but I think Tsargush deserves the spot unless Murta really beats the snot out of him at training camp. I doubt Farniev gets a second look.

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    wo wo wo wo wo, farniev and murtazaliev lost? tsargush won! what about saitiev is he actually retired?

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