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    Information ramazan sahin

    can someone upload ramazan sahins (beijing olympics) videos we can watch it.thanks

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    you can see his videos on youtube
    just type 'ramazan sahin beijing'

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    Check "good matches" thread. His gold medal match is at the beggining, the match vs the Cuban is somewhere in the middle, and I linked to another couple at the end of it.

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    hey arm-spin, you know why Shahin is hardly competing nowadays??
    He seems to have lost the interest after his beijing gold...

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    i checked out the matches and a few others
    good matches

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    Fraser, I don't know what he's doing. I love to watch Shahin matches as well. Check out his bouts from the 2007 worlds vs Farniev, Stadkin and Garzon (all on good matches thread somewhere).

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    Yeah, thanks anyway, Arm-spin. i,ve seen his bouts with Stadnik and Garzon, and i'll check out the one with Farniev.
    i thought Stadnik was very good at the Olympics.
    he could have won. And nowadays, this new Iranian guy's also doing quite well.
    If i'm not wrong, he's got the world title as well

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    go on fila-WEBTV

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    Ramazan is on many highlights videos from Beijing... go on YouTube and search

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