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Thread: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    I offer an all time all star freestyle line up from the modern era beginning in 1948.

    Of course, it most likely harder to have 4 or more world/Olympic golds in the lower to middle weights since they were more competitive.

    We observe this in our learned colleague' quandary concerning the area of the 82kg category, where 3 seems to be the limit. Even if we get some great older wrestlers to drop from 87kg, we still come up with only 3 gold but some with additional silver and/or bronze in the Olympics:
    A Saitiev
    M Schultz
    K Jackson
    G Takhti (3 Olympic medals)
    M Mehdizadeh
    P Gardshev (2 Olympic medals)

    There is also the question of wrestlers who seemed to excell only or mostly at the Olympics: How do you rate them if they were a two time Olympic champion with no world gold or 3 time Olympic medalist but have 1 Olympic gold and only 1 or no world championships. Of course they are all great wrestlers, but can they be considered the best of the best?

    This is a separate category in my opinion, and so I have to leave off some great wrestlers in that category, even if they are among my highest respected or favorites. For example: Double gold medalists Il Kim and Yojiro Uetake, but there are a number of others also.

    Here is my all star list, also indicating wrestlers who wrestled at more than 1 weight class for comparison.

    48kg Sergei Kornilaeva

    48, 52kg Ibrahim Javadi

    48, 52, 57kg Anatoli Beloglasov

    52kg Valentin Jordanov, Yuji Takada

    52, 57kg Ali Aliev, Husseyin Akbas

    55, 60kg Mavlet Batirov

    57, 62kg Sergei Beloglasov, Mustafa Dagistanli, Vladimir Yumin

    62kg John Smith

    62, 63, 66kg Elbrus Tedeev

    68, 70kg Arsen Fadzayev, Abdullah Movahed, Pavel Pinegin

    67, 73, 78kg Emam Habibi

    74kg Bouvaisa Satiev

    79, 87kg Gholamreza Takhti

    76, 84, 85kg Adam Satiev

    82, 84, 85kg Kevin Jackson, Mark Schultz

    82, 90kg Levan Tediashvili, Rasul Khadem

    87, 90kg Makharbek Chadarsev, Prodan Gardshev

    96-100kg Leri Chabelov, Khadshimourad Gatsalov, Alexander Medved,
    Ivan Yargin, Ahmet Ayik

    +97-130kg Alexander Medved, Soslan Andiev, Bruce Baumgartner,
    Artur Taimazov, Alexander Ivanizki, Salman Khasimikov

    In my opinion, Medved is the only wrestler to genuinely qualify beyond
    any doubt as an all time great in 2 substantially different weight classes
    since he had 4 golds @ 97-100kg and 6 golds at +97-130.
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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    Where does Gatsalov fit in on an all-time list? How about Taymazov?

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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    Great observation.

    I had Gatsalov and Taimazov on my paper master list but forgot to add them as they were both listed in the middle of several name crammed lines. (I now added them to my previous post, rather than make a whole new post. I don't think I overlooked any others.)
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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    Most dominant wrestlers, fitted into the former 10 FILA weights. (....) indicates honorable mention.

    48kg None, (S Kornilaev)
    52kg V Jordanov, (Y Takada)
    57kg S Beloglasov, (A Aliev)
    62kg J Smith
    68kg A Fadzayev, (A Movahed)
    74kg B Saitiev
    82kg None, (tie: A Saitiev, M Schultz, K Jackson, G Takhti)
    90kg M Chadarzev, (L Tediashvili)
    100kg L Chabelov, (K Gatsalov)
    +100kg Tie: S Andiev and A Medved

    Do some of our wrestling scholars and fans have some ideas on other categories:
    Best pinners each weight
    Most technical each weight
    Most spectacular each weight

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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    I like Adam Saitiev as a pinner... I have a hard time seeing him as an all time best because of his many losses to Sajidov, but I'm not sure there is a better choice out there either (Sajidov doesn't make the list without an Olympic title IMO).

    What weight was Yumin at? I've never seen him wrestle but I heard he was the man. (Video of Yumin anyone?)

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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    Vladimir Yumin (Russia) was at 57kg (1 Olympic gold ['76], 1 world gold, 1 world silver, 1 world bronze) and 62kg (3 world gold) and a great technician. He lost in the world finals in 1975 to Masao, a Japanese wrestler 1X world champ. Time frame was 1973-79. Major USA competitors: Metzger, Humphrey, Massery.

    The other great wrestler who won titles and divided career time pretty evenly between 57kg & 62kg was Mustafa Dagistanli (Turkey): 57kg (1 Olympic gold, 1 world gold) and 62 kg (1 Olympic Gold and 2 world gold). Time frame 1954-60. No well known USA competitors as placers during these years.

    Dagistanli was the more dominant of the two: He had 2 Olympic golds. He wrestled in a period when Turkey was the most dominant power with Iran, and Russia third, with Bulgaria also very strong some years and Japan excelling in the Olympic years. The Iranians during those years, despite some great great champions, were not able to muster a 2 time Olympic champion.

    Yumin was dominant at a period of Russian domination.

    Most impressive for Dagistanli: There was not a world championship every year during Dagistanli's years, while there was in Yumin's years. The competition overall may have more a few more tough individuals from other countries during Yumin's years.

    Of course Sergei Beloglasov was the king at 57kg and had one title at 62kg also.

    The current star who could be rated up there is Mavlet Batirov, With 1 Olympic gold at 55kg and 1 Olympic gold, 1 world gold, and 1 world bronze at 60kg. With the many ex-Soviet countries competing now, that is impressive.

    However M Batirov's world losses and probably only 1 world level medal at 55kg, indicates to me he is less dominant than Dagistanli was at the 55-57kg and 60-62kg combination. As far as I know, Dagistanli had all 5 golds for his 5 world/Olympic level competitions: 5 for 5 is as good as you can get.
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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    alexander medved -john smith - ivan yargin - m.chadarzev

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    Default Re: Greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

    Batirov is great, but I haven't thought of him the same way after seeing that video where he loses to Dudaev after willing 3 coin flips in a row.

    Most spectacular- Belaglazov.
    Pinner- Yargin? Gable? I dunno.

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