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Thread: Good Matches

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    Wrestling Men's 66 kg Bronze Finals - KAZ v TUR, CUB v AZE Full Replay -- London 2012 Olympic Games - YouTube 66 kg freestyle finals.
    Anyone else thing the reffing was subpar in Shahin's match?\
    The much talked about "butt wrench" Abdelvi did on Guenot.

    Wrestling: Another Gold for Azerbaijan - YouTube

    Wrestling: Tremblay Loses Opening Match - YouTube
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    Today at Grand Prix Final in Baku, HWT FS-wrestler Daniel Ligeti (HUN) wrestled also in GR, placed 3rd.
    In his 1st match, he met 2006 world champ and 2012 olympic bronze medalist Nabi (EST).
    He bear-hugged him at 0:00, throw him at 0:08 and then 70 seconds....

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    Nice. Ref didnt see that he started in a full blown body lock. Nice one FILA.

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    2 more nice things. ))

    60-kg FS Olympic final, at 1:32

    84-kg FS semifinal at Baku Grand Prix this past weekend, at 8:22

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    Wow I thought the point Asgarov scored in the first was a little suspect before, but from that angle it looks really bad. Are they calling it an "effort throw" (or whatever the current name is) or what? Seems like referees are giving out points like candy these days.

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    In these situations, the referees shouldn't have given any points to Asgarov and Semenov. Asgarov stepped on Kudukhov's foot. Semenov did the same in the 84-kg match. This isn't allowed (it's explicitely mentioned in the rules).

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    Women's world championships

    2012 Women's World Championships: 51 kg Final Jessica MacDonald (CAN) vs. Sun Yanan (CHN) - YouTube Canada's Jessica Macdonald wins gold at home

    2011 Worlds Women 55kg - Saori Yoshida (JPN) vs. Helen Maroulis (USA) - YouTube Y Yoshida over Maroulis for a record number of titles. Apparently she pinned her way through the tournament.

    49 North's Guide To Aviation: And The Crowd Goes Wild....... - YouTube Bouchard with a massive throw

    Jordan Burroughs vs. Andrew Howe 2012 Olympic Team Trials - YouTube Howe/Burroughs 2012, finally got to see it! A few thoughts... Howe has the blueprint on how to beat Burroughs; tie him up, heavy on his head and steady forward pressure. Problems are no one else is strong enough to do it, and Burroughs has an incredible knack for winning even when he's not a his best. Also, looks like Howe's knee got torqued every which way, no wonder he blew it out.

    2012 Women's World Championships: 48 kg Final Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (BLR) vs. Eri Tosaka (JPN) - YouTube 48 kg final of womens' worlds. Crazy finish! I thought the refs got it right for once, but there is bound to be lots of controversy over this one.
    I'm looking at putting together at a top 10 list of matches for the last year. I have a pretty solid list in mind but still hoping for suggestions. Also, someone have a link to the Espinal/Dato match?
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