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Thread: Good Matches

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    Match from the Ivan Poddubny tournament:

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    Do you have Albiev/Vachadze? I heard Abliev beat him, which makes me very happy. Abliev is one of my favorite greco guys to watch, whereas Vachadze is a perpetual "Golden Pylon" nominee who also led the epic choke job that my fantasy team pulled at worlds.

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    I hope that this guy will upload that match, it's always nice to see Albiev wrestling. Vachadze sure choked at worlds, can't believe he lost to the same guy from CRO that he dominated at euro's.

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    colindaynes1's Channel - YouTube
    Several videos of recent Olympic Trials champ Colin Daynes just tossing people around

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    49NorthWrestling's Channel - YouTube Guelph Open (Canada) matches. Several Americans attended and (unfortunately) dominated. Recommended bouts:
    Howe vs Prickett (74 kg final) or really, any of Howe's bouts, they are all the same.
    Churella vs Luu (66 kg final)
    Kennedy vs Mancini (60 kg final)
    Latour vs Otto (120 kg final). One of the most active 1-score matches I've seen in a long time.
    Laverick vs Daye-Finley (74 kg)
    Mancini vs Bslfour (60 kg)

    Best one so far, Takahashi vs Hergenheim 55 kg final. Seems like this will become the next big Canadian rivalry.
    Guelph Open 2012: 55 kg Final Jake Hergenhien vs. Steven Takahashi - YouTube

    more coming...
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    Gadisov Abdusalam vs Ketoev Georgiy Semifinal 96KG 2012 Yarigin - YouTube

    Adam Saitiev vs Tsargush Denis Final 74KG 2012 Yarigin - YouTube

    Gogaev Alan vs Cabolov Khetip Final 66KG 2012 Yarigin - YouTube

    Опан Сат на турнире Ярыгина 2012. - YouTube
    Sat/Murtazaliev. First and 3rd are great, and this video is better quality.

    Yarygin 96kg Jake Varner vs Evgeniy Kolmiets - YouTube

    Yarygin 55kg Quarterfinal Dzhamal Otarsultanov vs Rasul Mashezov - YouTube
    Mashezov/Otarsultranov. Crazy match. Mashezov puts on a throwing clinic, but then halfway through the match he just falls apart. Can't tell if he was hurt, winded, or just really mad at the officials.
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    3 pins in the Greco Finals of the Schultz.

    Schultz GR 66 KG 1st Place: Kendrick Sanders (NYAC) vs. Tiziano Corriga (Italy) - YouTube
    Saunders with an absolutely savage slam.

    Schultz GR 96 KG 1st Place: Justin Ruiz (NYAC) vs. Mohammed Abdelfattah (Egypt) - YouTube
    Abdel-Fatah vs Ruiz

    Schultz GR 55 KG 1st Place: Spenser Mango (U.S Army) vs. Rajender Kumar (India) - YouTube
    Mango vs Kumar... first period features a double challenge. Why would you challenge a call the refs already reviewed?

    Schultz GR 96 KG Semifinal: Mohammed Abdelfattah (Egypt) vs. RC Johnson (Sunkist Kids) - YouTube
    Fatah with a massive 5 pointer, the refs with the worst call ever (2nd period.)

    Schultz MFS 96 KG 1st Place: Shamil Akhmedov (Russia) vs. Dustin Kilgore (Sunkist Kids) - YouTube
    Akhmedov bs Kilgore. Great scramble in the second period.

    Schultz MFS 96 KG Semifinal: Evgeny Kolomiets (Russia) vs. Dustin Kilgore (Sunkist Kids) - YouTube
    Kolmiets vs Kilgore. It would suck to wrestle Kilgore, he just never stops moving and he really hammers on you.

    Schultz MFS 66 KG Semifinal: Sushil Kumar (India) vs. Philip Simpson (U.S Army) - YouTube
    Sushil Kumar vs Simpson. Is Kumar the best par terre wrestler in the world today? His leg ride is just savage.

    Schultz MFS 60 KG 1st Place: Coleman Scott (Gator WC) vs. Rahul Balasaheb Aware (India) - YouTube
    Coleman Scott final (crazy finish)
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    Abdelfattah was truly a beast at Schultz's, here's another one of his matches:

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