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    Shorey has some awesome back arches!
    Another good one- Guri vs Abdel-Fatah- 96 kg semifinals. Not sure where this Guri guy came from but he's really fun to watch.

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    Guri isn't a new comer; he is almost 30. I got interested who was Mr. Guri 4 years ago, after reading an interview with the Russian head coach Koguashvili. It was about the performance of the Russian wrestlers at the 2007 worlds where Teploukhov lost to Guri. Koguashvili said - for any Russian wrestlers it was inacceptable and shameful to get beaten by any wrestler of Albania. So I watched that match. Here it is:
    At the same worlds, much more exciting was his match vs. Nozadze:
    Crazy last seconds.

    Guri finished at the worlds with a 2-2 record. Then he placed 3rd at the 2008 Europeans. At the Olympics, he beat Gaber but lost his other matches. I talked with him before the games - already at that time, he had decided to move to Bulgaria. Unlike many other cases of changing sporting nationality in Eastern Europe, Guri's case wasn't an issue of import. He himself wanted to move anywhere because there were no facilities for practicing nor sparring partners in Albania. He chose Bulgaria. Then he had to wait 2 years. That's why he didn't compete in 2009-2010. His come back, now representing Bulgaria - at 2011 Dave Schulz; he won the tourney. Placed 3rd at the 2011 Euros. I like his match vs Totrov there:
    In the 3rd period, he threw Totrov for 5 points. This explains why Totrov was eager to respond with a 5 points throw in the very begining of the rematch at the worlds. )))
    Notice also that in both matches, Guri capitalized on Totrov's mistakes: on his attempts to gut at the Europeans (5:45) and to throw at the worlds (in the 2nd period).

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    Does anyone have the 2004 jamill kelly vs murtazaliev semi from the olympics?

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    Athens 2004 Olympic Games - Highlights (55kg, 60kg, 66kg, 74kg, 84kg, 96kg, 120kg) - YouTube
    Not sure where the whole match is but the OT portion is at 20:30 of this video.

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    Tinaliev vs Kaylaap at Istanbul's WC
    Very entertaining first period, Tinaliev gets a strong start but runs out of breath.

    I remember when Elis Guri lost via pin fall to Finland's Taisto Lalli (who was only 18 years old back then)
    at the Sofia's European championship tournament back in 2007. Here you can watch a photo sequence of that specific match: EuropaChampSofia2007

    Eventhough Guri lost only because he got way too confident, I couldn't have imagined that one day he would be a world champion. I am very happy for him since I like his style very much.
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    Also, about every one of Totrov's matches at Istanbul included some very nice suplexes.

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    Loved both Totrov/Guri matches. The Russian must be losing his mind- he's in full control and gets reversed from the bottom- twice. Can't believe that elbow roll works at this level.

    Koopa, what did you think of the officiating in the Kayalp/Tinaliyev match? I thought the first arm throw was obviously 3 for Tinaliyev (given only after a challenge) while the last scramble should have been scored 2-1 for Kayalp, but they gave it to him 3-0.

    I'm currently working on a "best of" list for this year's wrestling. Any matches you guys think should be included or considered, please list them. I'll do either a top 10 or top 15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa_ View Post
    Eventhough Guri lost only because he got way too confident
    I remember the 2007 match of Guri when he got pinned after having the lead. He still gets too confident. ))) At the Polish tourney, only a month before the worlds, he lost to the Georgian (the same one he beat at the worlds). Seconds before the end of the match, he had the lead but wanted to throw one more time. He landed on his back and lost.

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    Fundora Ivan (CUB) vs Laliev Gennadi (KAZ) - YouTube
    Fundora vs Laliev olympic semi. Great double legs by both guys.

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