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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    66 kg finals Iran vs Russia. Anyone else feel like Iran got screwed? Dominates much of the match and Russia hits a front headlock that sure didn't look like 3 pts to me.
    I can't recall any match, in which a wrestler got 3 for a move like this. It's 2. I see a warrying problem in the fact that the 3 pts were confirmed after the review.

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    ‪Calder, Martin (CAN) vs Wada, Takahiro (JPN)‬‏ - YouTube
    Calder vs Wada, 96 Olympics

    ‪Hajd Kenari Abbas (IRI) vs Brands Thomas (USA)‬‏ - YouTube
    Tom Brands vs Kenari, 96 Olympics

    ‪Yerlikaya, Hamza (TUR) vs Bardosi, Sandor Istvan(HUN)‬‏ - YouTube
    Yerlikaya/Bardosi 2000 Olympic final. Can't say I miss the Referee's Decision.

    ‪Fedorishin Vasyl (UKR) vs Quintana Miguel (CUB)‬‏ - YouTube
    Quintana/Fedorishin 2004 Olympics

    ‪Abdullaev, Arif (AZE) vs Quintana, Miguel (CUB)‬‏ - YouTube
    Quintana/Abdullev 2003 world finals. I remember hearing about Quintana's "stupid" decision to remain in the tripod (beginning of match) instead of flattening out at practice.

    ‪Ibragim Aldatov v. Krystian Brzozowski 2006 World Championsh‬‏ - YouTube
    Aldatov/Brozowski 2006 worlds

    ‪takedownindex's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
    Baroev/Tsurtsami 2004 Olympic finals

    ‪Mishin, Alexej (RUS) vs Abrahamian, Ara (SWE)‬‏ - YouTube
    Finally the Worst Match Ever, Mishin vs Abrahamain for 2004 Olympic gold. I don't envy the officials who had to pick a winner from this shoving party. Abrahamain later alleged that the Russian federation threatened the officials to ensure Mishin got a victory.
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    Everyone feel free to post good ones from the worlds here as they appear!

    2011 Worlds Greco 66kg Quarters - Justin Lester (USA) vs. Kanatbek Begaliev (KGZ) - YouTube
    Incredible greco match 66 kg Lester vs Belagliev. It should shock absolutely no one who followed these two guys' careers that this one ends on a questionable call!

    2011 Worlds Greco Semis - Manuchar Tskhadaia (GEO) vs. Justin Lester (USA) - YouTube
    66 kg semis- Lester is one of my favorites, but he gets a lot of airmiles here!

    2011 Worlds Greco 96kg Final - Elis Guri (BUL) vs. Jimmy Lidberg (SWE) - YouTube
    Guri vs Lindberg 96 kg finals. I remember akzent hyping this guy after he pinned the Olympic Champ and NYAC, clearly he knew what he was talking about.

    2011 Greco Worlds 60kg Final - Omid Noroozi (IRI) vs. Almat Kebispayev (KAZ) - YouTube
    60 kg greco final- another awesome match! Got to say though, the Iranian was VERY close to losing by fall.

    2011 World Championships – Greco-Roman
    84 kg finals... such raw emotion for all guys as Selimov scores a gut wrench right at the buzzer to win it. On another note- how much weight do these guys cut? They look absolutely enormous.
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    Some highlights from the greco tournament including the best parts from the most action packed matches:

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

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    Flying squirrel
    performed by Munteanu of Romania, 60 GR, German League, Sept 24

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    Default Re: Good Matches Jabuyran vs Chamizo. Crazy "cats in a clothes drier" bout.
    I list of my favorites from the worlds, all styles.

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    Wow, the international forum is pretty dead considering the worlds just happened.

    KHINCHEGASHVILI(GEO)-VELIKOV(BUL)) 1/4 Final - FS 55 Kg World Championship 2011 Istanbul - YouTube
    Khinegashvilli vs Velikov. I was pretty high on the former and down on the latter before the worlds. Then this happens

    Hassan Rahimi (IRI) v Khinchegashvili (GEO) 2011 55KG Freestyle Repech - YouTube
    Khinegashvili vs Rahimi. Great tournament for the Iranian.

    From webtv (go to the FILA site click on results, find the bracket you want, click on the little TV icon to see the match)
    Kayaalp (and the referees) vs Tinaliyev (120 kg greco)
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    Shorey vs Hrustanovich at the world championships

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