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Thread: Good Matches

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    Another very good Kvirkelia match, lots of action both standing and mat parts.

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    Wow, what a beating!!! I bet Nodzadze, like Fundora, would not be a fan of this thread Quite a difference from 2006, another pretty good match.

    That Kvirkvelia match was unreal, especially the 5 pt throw... if he could just learn to tighten up his gut wrench defense he'd be unstoppable!

    And as dull as I find his matches to watch, Muradov needs to have at least one on this thread. Here's his first victory over Gatsalov.
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    Time for 120 kg!!! There haven't been many "big men" matches on this thread so I thought I'd show a few.
    World cup final, Iran vs Azerbayjan. Match goes right down to the wire for the team title and the spectators are going crazy.
    Olympic finals. Taymazov's explosiveness for a man his size is unbelievable.

    2000 olympic finals, Taymazov vs Mussulbes.
    huge throw from Lopez... might have been in world finals, not sure. I'd love to see this guy vs Karelin in their primes, not that I think Lopez would win but it'd be fun.
    Lopez vs Davie, total butt whooping.
    Lopez vs Baroev world final... I'm under the impression that the Cuban lost the match on purpose, but if not this is the single most impressive match of the reverse-lift era.
    Finally, I am in now way endorsing this heavyweight clinchfest (Mocco vs Dlagnev) as a "good match" but someone requested it so here it is. Things to watch for are a throw from the clinch by Mocco in the 2nd match and a 3 pt hi-crotch by Dlagnev in the 3rd.

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    Today's theme is "Clash of the Titians". These aren't necessarily the most exciting matches in terms of scoring (ie expect some clinches) but each one features two of the best going at it.
    A. Saitiev vs Ketoev, courtesy of quick_single
    Gatsalov vs Muradov, 2007. A boring match with a couple of great moments. Watch it at 3:40 for some nice clinch defense, and at 6:52 for a really incredible scramble at the buzzer. That's the kind of killer instinct and athleticism Gatsalov was lacking in 2008 for some reason.
    Ketoev vs Sajidov
    Gogchelidze vs Kuramagomedov, great throw from the old clinch to win it
    A. Saitiev vs Sajidov. I really like Sajidov's calmness, he controls Satiev very well and stays out of funky scramble situations. Of course the significant size difference helps!
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    Lopez vs Karelin match sure would be nice to see, Lopez would give a tough match to Karelin since he is also very athletic heavyweight.

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    Saitiev, part 2. I'm trying to post more recent matches but this one's too good to pass up.

    1996 Olympics. Seems he wrestled Leipold, Monday and the Korean (Park?) at this tournament. I believe all of them were Olympic champs themselves (and yes, I aware that Leipold had his title stirpped). Is this the deepest weight class ever?

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    In honor of mr. Kudukhov's recent Russian championship (flowrestling is providing video soon)...

    A suprisingly tough match against a very wily Canadian. Mischa was that close to pulling of a HUGE upset

    Mischa vs Macari, Canadian national finals. I watched this one live and the intensity was unreal. Jamie Macari won the Sr. Nationals (along with OW), the Sr. Greco Nationals and the Fisu world team trials all in one weekend.

    Matchups are a funny thing. First and only time I saw Kudukov wrestle (or maybe it was Osutranov, I don't remember, it was one of the young stud Russians) was against Macari. Never seen such a beating in my life, the Russian was flat-out making up moves as he went along. Wish I had the video for that one.

    Finally, for those who haven't seen it, more Adam Saitiev footage including a superstart matchup vs Khadartsev in this thread.
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    misha vs. macari was unreal. I really thought macari was going to be the next big thing after he won that match.

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    He coulda been the next big thing I think, injuries did him in. Jamie had quite a rivalry with Misha. Before the posted nationals match (2005?) they wrestled in Guelph. Misha was killing him before he touched his back to the mat trying a crotch lift and they called him pinned, big controversy. The next year's nationals Jamie was leading their finals match 5-0 in the 3rd before Misha got on top and started hi-gutting him, round ended 6-5 for Misha. In the 2007 national finals Macari apparently beat him pretty handily (I didn't see it) before retiring on the spot.

    Now, before I take a break for a few days, here's some big throws.,,

    Bentinouis from Greece is a human highlight machine. I have yet to see a better arm thrower. He just about pins Saitiev, I thought he had him. Seriously, watch these matches

    Finally, the "other" big stud from Egypt, Abdel Fatah at 84 kg. I post this hilight reel mostly becuase I had towrestle the South African Bella Lufa several times, and it was a very painful experience. It's nice to see him get a taste of his own medicine Also, the manhandling of Mishine is impressive.
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