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Thread: Good Matches

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Holy Crap Lester!
    That sure was crazy !
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    Lashkhi knocks of Aliyev in a wild one

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    Great reverse lift
    YouTube - manuchar kvirkvelia vs youngxiang chang 2008 olympic final

    This one doesn't even look like they are in the same weight classes.
    YouTube - manuchar kvirkvelia vs peter bacsi 2008 olympic games
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    YouTube - Mkrtchyan, Armen (ARM) vs Kim, Il (PRK)
    1996 Olympic final, 48 kg

    YouTube - Li, Hak-Son (PRK) vs Jones, Zeke (USA)
    1996 Olympic final 52 kg. Zeke Jones vs Li. Crazy, crazy scrambling.

    YouTube - Chadarzev Makharbek (EUN) vs Campbell Christopher Lundy (USA)
    Khadartsev vs Campbell

    YouTube - Tedeyev Elbrus (UKR) vs Kelly Jamill (USA)
    Finally! Teedev vs Kelly Olympic Finals.

    YouTube - takedownindex's Channel
    Highlights of the 74 kg category in the 1995 worlds- someone was looking for this stuff.

    YouTube - takedownindex's Channel
    Hall vs Gruenwald

    YouTube - takedownindex's Channel
    Karelin vs Hector Milan world finals

    I'm going on vacation soon, so I won't be able to post a whole lot more videos for a while, but I hope that others will continue to do so. This takedownindex guy has a plethora of amazing vids and he is still uploading!
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    YouTube - ‪69
    Azcuy - Glouchkov 2001 world finals

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    Old school greco match, Martinov vs GER I guess it's a World Cup event, lots of points scored by both wrestlers.
    YouTube - ‪MrDiamond55rus's Channel‬‏

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    59 years ago

    At 5:30 in this documentary film about Soviet/Georgian wrestler David Tsimakuridze - 1 min. from his match vs. Takhti of Iran at the 1952 Olympics.

    It was the time, in which no technical points were called; the judges picked the winner (like in MMA today). Tsimakuridze got a split decision win over Takhti and he eventually became the Olympic champ (though he had lost a match). Takhti placed 2nd.
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    Is the Gene Mills vs Anatoli Beloglazov match from the 1981 World Cup posted? One of my favorites
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