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Thread: Good Matches

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    Aarjan is a good wrestler. Lots of guys have boring styles, including world champion wrestlers.

    Kudukhov vs Chakaev (who just beat the world runner-up.) Good example of guys still getting worn down in modern freestyle.

    I don't even know what to call this... it's Khudukov highlights set to really wierd music!
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    Arjan is a mediocre wrestler who has perfected stalling, positioning and 1 point wins. Kudos to him for finding a niche and being successful at it but MAN. I've been watching him grind out wins since he was a Cadet. His technique is honestly below average for a University wrestler.

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    yeah its pretty bad, like watching paint dry i hate watching him wrestle, this russian at canada cup wrestle him and destroyed arjuun, but the big joke was the the russian scored on him and everyone was like "OMG now arjun has to score a point! wait now hes gotta score 2?!" the russian ended up teching him in 2 rounds and we never saw that russian again, but hey thats the way of the rules in freestyle now, you dont have to have offense anymore

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    Ganev vs Aldatov- pretty wierd match. seems like they are going in slow motion

    Heinrich Barnes vs Bulgaria

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    Alieyev vs Albiev. Not sure if it's the 2010 champ Aliyev or someone else, but he puts on a good preformance.

    Aliyev dominates European championships

    Goudrazi vs Gedue, I feel like this one has been posted before but I just watched it again. Great throw at 6:04. And for the love of all that is good referees, a CLINCH DOES NOT START WITH A FREAKING DOUBLE!

    Velikov sticks Sevmidov

    Israpilov vs Velikov
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    Samurgachev vs Bracken 2000 Olympics

    Samurgachev vs Chachua
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    May I add a rugby video?
    At 1:20 - a nice 3pts throw in the fight Samoan Alex Tulou (#7 white) vs Georgian Mamuka Gorgodze (#7 blue) in the French league, last weekend.

    Gorgodze is a great fighter; one of his previous performances:

    but in the last match, the Samoan guy appears to be the better wrestler.

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    Sandhu vs Zabriskie. Isn't Sandhu an 84 kg guy?

    Tellgren vs Thielke. Great throw!

    Samurgachev vs Basci, 2008 world cup
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