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Thread: Good Matches

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    Some good Azeri matches

    Taghavi vs Hasanov jr worlds

    Hasanov vs Gadjiev euro finals

    people were looking for this one- Hasanov vs Caldwell!

    Chamasurlaev vs Ganev

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    Tigran added a 1994 FS match of future MMA fighter Matyushenko.

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    Hasanov is simply the beast!!!!!!!

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    Yang vs Lebedev. Great throw at 2:29. I'm still pissed Yang didn't wrestle at this years worlds.

    Speaking of guys who should still be wrestling... Muradov vs Gazumov. Not a lot of scoring, but two of the best going at it.
    Temrezov vs Ksotev

    Sushil Kumar with a nasty looking pin.

    Old school match- Kevin Jackson vs Rasul Khadem

    Commonwealth games- 60 kg final Singh vs Bosson
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    Sushil Kumar vs North Korea.

    Ganev vs Murtazaliev

    Murtazaliev vs Saitiev, Yargyin edition. I'm always surprised Murta is 'only' a 2x world champ.
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    66 kg commonwealth games final (sorry Jack). Pretty crazy throw.
    60 kg bronze medal match

    84 kg final a few years back, Nick Uguolah wins

    Sushil Kumar, bronze medal match. This clinch counter is at least as cool as Kudukhov's.
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    CUB v KAZ, 55 kg, 2010 jr worlds

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    Two falls in the Commonwealth Games finals:

    Kumar over Barnes with a vicious looking leg ride.

    Bhullar over India... start watching at 4:45.

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    God I hope Arjan learns how to wrestle soon. Because if he stalls his way into a bigger medal (Olympics, World Championships) Canadian kids might actually start thinking that he's a good wrestler and hugging for 6 minutes is a good way to win.

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