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Discuss Good Matches at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Freestyle matches of interest: re2=match_poids='55 ' 55 kg final, Lebedev vs Asgarov. This is ...
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    Freestyle matches of interest: re2=match_poids='55'
    55 kg final, Lebedev vs Asgarov. This is actually a pretty boring match until the 3rd, but I can't get over the fact that they called that clinch throw against Russia... in Russia. Are you kidding me? That's like some sort of reverse corruption going on. re2=match_poids='55'
    55 kg USA vs Japan. Heartbreaker for Americans I'm sure, Obe looked aweome for the first 3 minutes. re2=match_poids='55'
    55 kg Lebedev vs Velikov. What the hell happened to Velikov? It seems like not too long ago he beat Kudukov in the world finals.'55'
    55 kg Asgarov vs Japan.
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    The finish to the 60 kilo final was awesome. Kudukhov gives the leg up, kicks away immediately and then rolls Fedoryshyn to his back for the exposure and the win when Fedoryshyn got back to his legs. Part of the reason why the guy is easily my favorite non-US wrestler.

    Almost odd to see Sokhiev actually trying to score points. Too bad it came back to bite him...
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    Two excellent GR matches at 66 Kg's'66'
    Emiliyan vs Panait'66'
    Fetzer vs Janecic, amazing third period.

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    Default Re: Good Matches'60'
    Kudukov just abusing the opposition.'60'
    60 kg Huseynov vs Cuban, just making up new moves.'84'
    84 kg- Ganev looking like a world champ vs Ksotev'84'
    84 kg- Herbert vs Salas.'84'
    84 kg- another wild match involving Ganev, who looks way too small to be the world champ at this weight.'96'
    96 kg- Gogchelidze vs Gatsalov. A lot of their matches are boring, but this one is filled with scrambles.'96'
    94 kg- Gayzumov vs Krumptnyakov. Gayzumov is just so smooth in his technique for a big guy, no wonder he is so sucessful.
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    FILA webtv not working right now for some reason, hopefully this works.

    Makhov vs Taymazov 120 kg finals- I bet Taymazov has never been out muscled before

    Goudrazi vs Tsargush 74 kg finals

    Kumar vs Gogaev, 66 kg finals. Pretty cool that India won gold, esp. since people are saying Gogaev's apeparance in the finals may not be legit.

    Garcia vs Garzon, 66 kg. Garcia loses this one, but hats off to him for a great run. Hopefully he medals next year!

    Tsargush scoring actual points at 74 kg!

    Gentry vs Georgia, 74 kg. Gentry really snatches victory from the jaws of defeat in period 2.

    Taymazov laying a beating on Greece

    66 kg- Stadnik vs Shahin is always a wild match. Shahin might be rusty, but he really gets drilled

    66 kg- Taghavi vs Stadnik. Taghavi intersperses his stalling with big throws!

    66 kg- Kumar vs Hasaynov. Very impressed with Kumar's balance, timing and technique against a bigger, stronger guy.

    84 kg- Ksotev vs Danny Brown. Ksotev thinks he's wrestling greco.
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    Default Re: Good Matches'66'
    66 kg South Africa's Barnes drops the hammer. I love watching SA matches, they aren't the best wrestlers in the world but they never stop attacking.'66'
    66 kg Kumar vs Germany
    When he isn't shocking the world. Sushil Kumar apparently makes commercials for PETA.'74'
    74 kg Goudrazi vs Fundora'96'
    96 kg Pliev takes down Gayzumov. The beast does not approve.'96'
    96 kg Canada's Pliev with the fall

    Well, I'm done for a while, I hope you guys enjoys these. There are a ton more good matches out there I'm sure, these world championships were great. Please share if you find other exciting ones.
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    This is a good match :

    Gourdazi v Fundora

    Whoops see its already posted.

    I lvoe the way Goudarzi wrestles.
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    Default Re: Good Matches

    arm spin and the others

    thank you so much for publishing!!!

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