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    Byers vs Baroev. Not exactly a barnburner, but I like Byer's toughness on the ground against a great gut wrench... and the fact that he goes out and scores a legitimate point to win it instead of hoping to win in the clinch as many greco matches are.

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    Aliakbari (IRI, last year's WC bronze medalist in seniors) vs Ninua (GEO) @ 07's Junior WC GR
    Very entertaining and a very even match with lots of points scored.
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    Great match Koopa!

    Two matches in a great (if low scoring) rivalry: Gatsalov vs Gogchelidze. How many world titles would Gog have won if Gatsalov wasn't around?

    Jordanov vs Abdullev- olympic finals. Great match, filled with drama. Takedown or no takedown to end the OT?

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    Really good matches!

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    I'm going to post all my favorites from this world championship here; moderators, feel free to move them if you'd rather have them on one of the WC threads.'55'
    55 kg finals, Choi vs Sourian'55'
    55 kg, Amoyran vs Venkov. Wow.'55'
    55 kg Amoyran vs Sourian. Is there a more agressive wrestler from the feet than Amoyran? He has a great double leg'55'
    55 kg Amoyran vs Asagawa. Love this guy.'60'
    60 kg Kepisayev vs Angelov'60'
    60 kg Aliyev vs Kepisayev'96'
    96 kg finals Ali Akbari vs guy whose name can't be spelled.'96'
    96 kg Ali Akbari vs Khustov. Man, this Iranian could win both the outstanding wrestler award (beat a bunch of studs including 2 WC's) and the 'golden pylon' award (most boring wrestler) for his string of 1-0. 1-0 wins.

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    Between the 2 world championships, Chebi won nothing; bad performance (got even pinned) at each tourney he participated.

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    The final from British championships.

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    Wierd... maybe he only really trains "at the right time"?

    Or else he's just really lucky He had a ton of close 3 round matches at this year's worlds. Example, vs Azerbayjan. re2=match_poids='74' re2=match_poids='84'
    Marinov vs Mishine at 84 kg. I bet Mishine has nightmares about this one. He dominates the 2nd, has a takedown in the 3rd taken away because of a leg foul (I think) and for some inexplicable reason choses "top" in the clinch. Marinov really stole this one. re2=match_poids='66'
    66 kg champ Vachadze is really boring. Sorry guys. This one at least has a bit of scrambling, vs Hungary. re2=match_poids='96'
    Khustov pounds on Lithuania re2=match_poids='96'
    Khustov pounds on Roumania, to the cheers of the crowd re2=match_poids='84'
    Jake Clark puts the hammer down on Moldova, including the highly technical "two handed shove to the chest" move re2=match_poids='74'
    74 kg Richard Adinall, South Africa vs Uzbekistan. The South African clearly isn't at the world medallist level, but he gets major props for wrestling in both styles. He was at the freestyle worlds last year and might be again this year.

    Anyone else impressed by the lack of wierd calls by the officials? I've seen a few close calls go AGAINST Russia (ie the Marinov/Mishine match) which you wouldn't expect coming from a tournament in Moscow.
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