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    I think he is, Gazumov came over to Canada to wrestle in the Clansman with the Russian team a few years back. Pinned Lawal with a 5 pt double in the finals. I also enjoy watching him, what a monster. Could be a 2x champ by now if he was a bit better in the clinch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    mishin said avluca was oiled.
    lol. Iranian wrestlers always say that about the Turkish wrestlers

    this is off topic but do you know the roster of EX-Soviet teams (KAZ and UZB) in upcoming Asian Champs in India ? will they take it serious ?

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    Tengysbayev vs Cuban @ last year's WC. Nice throws by Tengysbayev.

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    Wild, wild match between Triggas and Thielke at the US open. Thielke's jr final match is really good too, for people who want to search through the ustream broadcast.

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    I just barely watched this match and I thought it was great. Lot of nice takedowns, great foot action here. Les Gutches vs. Cael.

    The throw LG hits is sweet.
    "Wanting to win, that is common to all. But working to win, the drive to go the extra mile, to push yourself while no one's looking..that is the mark of a true champion."

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    US open matches: Wright vs Perry Wright va Gavin. Wright really needs to work on his positioning, but there's never a dull moment when he wrestles. A very composed-looking Howe vs Travis Paulson Escobedo vs Stieber Schwab vs Frayer. Shockingly one-sided.

    [ame=" 215C5&playnext_from=PL&index=47"]YouTube- Open Greco-Roman 60kg: Donovan DePatto vs. Nathan Piasecki[/ame] one of the nastiest matches I've seen, Piasecki vs DePatto. Tons of head butting and finishes with a vicious forearm shiver.

    [ame=" 2602C&playnext_from=PL&index=47"]YouTube- Open Freestyle 74kg: Moza Fay vs. Andrew Howe[/ame] Howe vs Fay. The first 2 periods are stadard Howe; the third has a huge throw and a great comeback.

    [ame=" 2602C&playnext_from=PL&index=42"]YouTube- Open Freestyle 120kg: Tommy Rowlands vs. Les Sigman[/ame] Rowlands vs Sigman. Rowlands runs out of gas pretty badly.

    [ame=" 2602C&playnext_from=PL&index=51"]YouTube- Open Freestyle 84kg: Mack Lewnes vs. Jake Herbert[/ame] Herbert vs Lewnes Frayer vs Churella, 66 kg finals 120 kg greco final, Rupp vs Rigzalla. A ton of scoring for a heavyweight greco bout, but I suspect that the "real" final was the much more boring Rupp/Taylor semi.
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    H. Aliyev vs Mohamed Reda @ 2009 Junior WC'60'

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    More US open Simmons vs Hazewinkel Blanc vs Precin Hasseman vs Wright. Hasseman is enormous! Humphery vs Scott. Hump gets choked out!

    There's almost endless John Smith matches online, but I don't remember theseand they are pretty awesome.

    [ame=""]YouTube- John Smith vs. Miazbek Antuev at the 1990 World Cup[/ame] vs Antuev

    [ame=""]YouTube- Smith v. Sarkisyan 1989 World Championships[/ame] vs Sarkysan. A couple of big throws in this one... is the correct call (3 for Smith) made on the second one?
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    john smith is the greatest ever. no one scored from as many positions different ways than john smith. when was the last time an american freestyler hit a high amp in a world level competition?

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