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Thread: Good Matches

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    you know in azerbaijan it may be the refs helping out the azers, my coach is a man of great international experience and when i asked him who he though were the dirtiest (as in currupt and cheating) he said azerbai was his guess

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    Henry, I meant what I said about Aldatov peaking for the worlds, seeing as he has 3 world medals but keeps getting pinned at the Europeans and other tournaments. However, I forgot about those matches you mention, maybe I need to reconsider. I do think that people are adapting to his style- he beat slaughtered Ganev a few years back, and he loses now.

    5pt, I'll but that. Those two Azeri matches I mentioned were just awful. In addition, Mansurov (66 kg greco) has some pretty controversial wins (last year's world final, and match against Lester.)

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    Earlier this week, short before the oppening of the euros, the azerbaijani Ata Holding sponsored Fila with 7.000.000 $. This wasn't the first act of sponsroship by Ata. You can see their logo on the top of Fila site. It's strange that a national company is the main sponsor of an international federation.

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    I think that FILA is just too corrupt in general. I love international wrestling, but so much of the stuff they do makes me frustrated. It really does hurt the integrity of the sport.
    "Wanting to win, that is common to all. But working to win, the drive to go the extra mile, to push yourself while no one's looking..that is the mark of a true champion."

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    Watching greco matches, pretty disappointed so far. Most of the rounds seem to end either 2-0 (gutwrench) or 1-0 (failed gutwrench), I was hoping for more creativity from the standing position.'55'
    Alieyev beats Mankiev at 55 kg. Big upset?'55'
    Kikinou (Belarus) vs Mursaliyev, 74 kg finals'74'
    Kikiniou vs Pyskov. Nice throws by the Belarussian in both matches.'66'
    Mansurov breaks his jaw. Ouch.

    In the 55 and 74 kg finals, a couple more calls going Azerbayjan's way. Mankiev doesn't get any points for stepping over a gutwrench, and Kikinou gets dinged for fleeing the hold... not sure if this is more questionable refereeing or if I've started to see things.

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    Here's some good Greco matches from yesterday:

    55 Kg bronze, Gogitadze vs Modos'55'

    60 Kg final, Balitskyy vs Aliyev. Aliyev puts up a real good show for the audience.'60'

    66 Kg bronze, Mamageishvili vs Lorincz'66'

    From today:

    96 Kg Khushtov vs Soso. Khushtov sure makes it look easy.'96'
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    Khustov is incredible. Gold-medal final vs Dzeinchenka, who shows a bit of gamesmanship, throwinng Khustov WAAYY after the whistle.
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    he should have thrown the referee instead.

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    This Aliyev guy is a wrecking machine. Has he wrestled against Albiev?'84'
    This is my candidate for the most disappointing match of the tournament. Multiple world champs Avluca and Mishine manage to score exactly 0 offensive points in 6 minutes.

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