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Thread: Good Matches

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    Finally, I added all matches from 66kg and 74kg category (wrestling freestyle Beijing 2008 Olympics ) Check it all !

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    Those are pretty awesome matches. That throw Terziev does on Fundora is somethig else.

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    In my opinion Tarziev has luch and nothing else... ;P he lost over 2 round and in last seconds of second round Fundora made big mistake ! but Tarziev win this match... no matter how he won... he won and he was on 3rd place in Beijing

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    Gaidarov vs. Tigiev

    ???What can I say..? very boring match... 2clamps slited by Tigiev and he was in olympics final...
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    Big 10 vs Big 12 challenge- basically a bunch of exhibition freestyle matches were they keep cumulative score for each team. In addition to Simmon's 29 point win at 55 kg, the Paulson/Poeta match and the Herbert/Pendleton match are great. Herbert must have been hung over or something, he gets lit up pretty good. Paulson puts on a clinic of chest lock throws.

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    im surprised no one posted these matches, they are truely gems

    Mavlet Batirov vs Alan Dudaev, 2005

    Makhach Murtazaliev vs Irbek Farniev, 2006

    Makhach Murtazaliev vs Irbek Farniev, 2005
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    Now I remember why I am a Murtazaliev fan. That chest lock, especially, is awesome.

    This year's NCAA champs try their hand at freestyle... Metcalf vs Farniev. It's been posted on this site before, but too awesome not to post again,

    Varner vs either Todd of Cerimera, US national finals. I loved that overhook throw in competition, and Jake does it very well.

    Howe vs Reader. Exciting match... not meaning to bash these guys or anything, but it's amazing how much more akward their scrambling looks than that done by the guys in 5pts post. Freestyle vs folkstyle background, I guess.
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    Canadian Championships. Most of these aren't super high scoring matches, but not many clinches either.

    74 kg final Gentry vs Macdonald. .

    120 kg final Bhullar vs Snyders.

    60 kg final Mancini vs Hudson

    66 kg final Garcia vs Prickett

    96 kg final Pliev vs Jarvis

    55 kg prelim Palani vs Hergenheim, lots of good scrambles

    74 kg prelims (or semis, not sure) Gentry vs Weicker. Best part is the double leg slam in the background at 1:35.
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    [ame=""]YouTube- Danny Brown vs. Manjot Sandhu[/ame]

    Brown vs Sandhu. Brown still looks like a 66 kg wrestler. Sandhu looks like the next big thing.

    congrats Danny Brown! This guy's been wrestling for ever it seems, now he finally gets to represent Canada at the world's.

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