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Thread: Good Matches

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    I dont know but i heard he is freakishly strong and that is why he is so dominate in his hand fighting

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    My trainer who is interesting in russian wrestling culture, and who spend many years on Russian maths said me: "Saitiev doesn't strong on gym and high weights, he is so strong in specialist wresling exercises, he can make 150 pulups in one series and he can train his arms non stop for 30min on expander"

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    Sahin vs. Stadnik (Beijing 2008)

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    Sahin (TUR) vs. Garzon (CUB) (Beijing 2008)

    PS. Look at my YouTube channel
    I add new videos every day ! Now I am adding 74kg's from Beijing Chech It !

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    UPADATE: New matches from 74kg category in Beijing 2008 (all matches from category) Check it

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    150 pulups in one series

    Saitiev does 150 pulups in one serie??

    What nonsense!!!

    Almost no one can do that and certainly not saitiev./

    Saitiev is just a very technical wrestler and knows how to break his opponents game and strength
    He also has very flexible joints.

    I a way he is the opposite of Murtazaliev, who is compact and one package, whereas saitiev looks like a set of loose body parts which makes him so movable and flexible.

    Respect for him but 150 pulups etc.
    stop writing that rubbish. some youngsters will start reading and actually doing that stuff..

    by the way you added some good videos
    thanks for that!!!

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    I didn't see it on my eyes... I said that, beacuse my trainer many years ago trained in Russia in Krasnoyarsk and he relate me many stories from this time every day... excatly, like 150pulups made by Saitiev...
    I told everyone and I didn't lie... Saitiev was very strong on specialist exercise... like pulups (on pulups counts condition strength...)

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    Tarziev has very big luck in this match ;P

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    Gaidarov vs. Chamsulvara (2009 herning world champion 74kg)
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