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Thread: Good Matches

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    2007 Yargin, no clinches!
    55 kg Kudukhov vs Otosultranov, great counter at the buzzer!
    60 kg A Batirov vs other Russian
    66 kg Farniev vs other Russian, pretty funky match
    74 kg Tsargush vs Murtazaliev, good defensive scrambling and a "can't believe that worked" arm drag
    84 kg, Ketoev vs other Russian, a reminder of how dominant Ketoev was at 84.
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    2010 Yarygin
    Sementov vs Gadjiev. Never heard of these guys, but they look real good.
    Stadnik- "pin or be pinned" vs Adziev and Batirov
    Yang vs Israpilov. The Korean looks awesome, both smooth and powerful.

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    Just starting to watch some of the Schultz videos, but there are some good ones for sure.
    Askren vs Gentry. Ben looks pretty awesome, but he still has that habit of standing straight up and giving up easy leg attacks at times.
    Garcia vs Barnes, battle of the Olympians.
    Zadick vs Lee. Has one of the more entertaining scoreless periods, with a Metcalf-style midair shove and an incredible throw off the clinch.
    Finals broadcast. All matches are pretty good, the 74 kg final between Askren and Paulson is a classic. Also for Canadian fans, Garcia beats the crap out of a Russian.

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    Great Yarygin tournament by the Ukrainian Fedorishin. Throws, turns, and pins- he's got it all.
    vs Chakaev, 1/8 finals. Best match of the bunch IMO.
    vs Noriyuki, quarters.
    vs Ermatov- semis
    vs Oda- finals

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    Crazy match between Russians Tsabelov and Abdullaev at 60 kg

    84 semis: Rubaev vs Gadisov, Urishev vs an out-of-shape Aldatov

    If you want to watch more 74kg bouts you are on your own... be warned that you may want to yell "for the love of all that is good, get a takedown already!" at Tsargush.

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    Belanovsky vs Sheramov, the 120 vs 96 kg match at the Yargyin. I LOVE the challenge match idea, but this one looks a bit fishy. The big guy scores with ease, then gives up some awfully easy points late to to lose the match.
    oh geez... I'd heard about this bout from someone who was there but it was still shocking to see. Momeni of Iran absolutely train-wrecks the great Dave Schultz.
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    i saw this match in the early 90's on some iranian show on public tv. couldn't believe what i was watching. i thought i was the only person who saw it.

    the iranian got three for each cary. i'm not sure schultz exposed on two of them.

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    Saitiev Saturday
    Ketoev vs A. Saitiev. Funky moves against brute force. As good as these two are/were, I bet they'd both be unstoppable at the old 82 and 90 kg classes.
    B. Saitiev vs Mindorashvilli (I'd love to see the full match.)

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    Greco World cup, each of these matches has pretty agressive wrestling on the feet and at least one big throw.'66'
    Iran vs Turkey 66 kg final'74'
    Iran vs Turkey (world champ Cebi) 74 kg final'74'
    Cuba vs Denmark (Madsen) 74 kg match
    Ness vs Gomez- university nationals
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