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Thread: Good Matches

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    Yazdani vs Gatsalov
    Makhov vs Ebrahami

    Thanks to akzent and iranews for providing these on the other site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Kurtanidze vs Khadartsev. I like the comment, "well that could have gone better".
    Kurtanidze vs Baer
    A. Saitiev vs Leipold, European championships
    Travis Lee vs Shimizu
    Randy Couture vs Foy. Great action, incredible throw at 2:15
    Roberson vs Nickerson. What a beating!

    more awesomeness from Kvirkvelia (vs Kowalski)
    munuchar reverse death

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    Classic, Karelin's first olympic final

    Too bad that they have edited the footage, his opponent actually throwed Karelin for 3 points in that match.

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    Awesome! More Karelin [ame=""]Alexander Karelin 1996 Atlanta Olympics Intro[/ame]#

    And while I can't post it for some reason, I strongly reccomend the Ksotev vs Sajidov match on flowrestling (2008 Russian Nationals)

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    I lvoe these matches...

    Yazdani and gatsalov and abrahimi and makhov.

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    Lots of good ones at the world cup wrestle off. Good on the US wrestlers for putting on a pretty exciting show.
    Churella vs C. Janzen
    Hazewinkel vs Donahoe, I liked Haze trying to convince the refs to call the pin.
    Janzen vs Ware
    Poeta vs Paulson. Great match for Poeta, poor match for Paulson.
    Askren vs Bertilono (exhibition)
    Dlagnev vs Arzourmandis (exhibition)
    Fay vs Rodgers. One of several bouts where people gave up last-second points, something Zeke Jones mentioned in his interview
    Todd vs Jordan
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    Let's make it 3 threads dedicated to Voronin

    Another "import" to team Canada, Haislan Garcia wrestles Chris Harada. Just watch the last 10 seconds, the rest of the match is painfully dull.

    This is a good one: Kendall Cross vs Umakhanov
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    Mihail Mamiashvili vs Jouko Salom?ki (Olympic champion and World champion)

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