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Thread: Good Matches

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    Some Henry Cejudo matches (is this guy coming back or no? Anyone know?)
    vs Eustace
    vs Moreno (do yourself a favor and watch this one with no volume)
    vs Goygeerev (sorry Henry but holy crap, what a throw!)
    Surprizingly exciting match vs Paulson and Zadick
    Hazewinkel vs Israpilov
    Urishev vs Herbert... Jake's time off is noticable, he seems real sloppy
    Frayer vs Mairov
    The famous Paulson/Mairov match. Poor Mairov, rough trip for him.

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    Dang, that throw was one of those "where the fk did that come from". One of the best I have seen.
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    A. Saitiev vs Leipold, world finals

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    Pool matches for last year's WTT are now uploaded, courtesy of "usawnationalteams". I don't have time right now to sift through all the boring ones to post the good ones (hopefully someone does) but here are a couple to get started.
    Valenti vs Dennis
    Schwab vs Caldwell
    Pendleton vs Hasseman. Based on who you are cheering for this is either a good example of Hasseman's superior conditioning, or Pendleton forgets he's in a wrestling match halfway through the second.

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    Israpilov vs Cochashvilli. I especially like the ending. "I don't feel like sprawling, so I guess I'll just pin you instead".

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    does anyone have Sammie Henson's 2000 olympic final?

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    I'd love to see it as well, but I don't know where you'd get it... maybe request it on the Guru's match of the week over at flowrestling. Henson's world finals match is posted on this site somewhere.

    I checked out Raymond71W's uploads as akzent suggested, he's got some good stuff. Not sure who these guys wrestling are, but it's nice to see they are putting up points (74 kg aside).
    Georgia vs Azerbayjan Dual.
    Russia vs Dagestan matches, 55 and 60 kg matches
    66 and 74
    84-120 kg

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    Wow, schwab looked really dynamic against caldwell. Did he go to the olympics?

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    jba, schwab went to the 2008 olympics, I think Caldwell won the 2009 bout I posted.

    More awesomeness from the 66 kg bracket of the 2006 Greco worlds. (Yangyan's Semi and final were posted earlier, but check them out if you haven't seen them.)'66'
    Lester vs Belagliev. Best knee pick I've ever seen in a greco match from Lester'66'
    Lester vs Ergolu'66'
    Li Yanyan vs Okesley.'66'
    Yangyan vs Kazakevic.

    I don't think I've ever seen a more exciting run to a title than mr. Yangyan. His throwing ability is incredible. I have to ask though: why couldn't he a) ever win in two periods or b) have the same sucess again?
    Zadick vs Gallick- even a 1-shot round can be exciting, if you scramble around long enough.

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