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Thread: Good Matches

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    Not sure who "Gruzin" is
    David Akhalmosulishvili - don't even try to pronounce it

    74 kg (!) semifinal at the tourney in Yerevan, Armenia, Oct 2005

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    Little Mankiev vs France laying a beat-down. I dunno what posessed him to do that spinaround takedown in the first period, and how in the world it actually worked.
    Pretty nasty- and whiny- match between Guerrero and Brands. Brands even did a gut wrench!
    Brands vs Cuban

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    here is another one of brands, some might say luck, some might say heart, you decide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pointcrossankle View Post
    here is another one of brands, some might say luck, some might say heart, you decide!

    That's just gross. Although you need to give credit to Brands for his aggression and work ethic, its sad that such a huge match was determined by that call. Gia was being passive but awarding the match to a guy for pushing out of bounds is pretty nasty. Gia scored with technique, while Brands just gutted out the win.

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    Gia is my favorite wrestler, so that was just painful to watch. The 2nd caution was a bad call IMO, the 3rd was pretry blatant but what an awful way to lose. Wonder what Gia was thinking too, he just got cautioned for backing out twice and he does it again... where did the defense go?

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    That Gia match is still making me sad... some more Canada vs USA matches
    Zolton Hunyady vs Kirk White... the very end isn't show but Zolton hangs on for the win.

    [ame=""]Daniel Igali v. Lincoln McIlravy, 1999 World Championships | The Guru Archives, Match of the Week on Flowrestling[/ame]
    From the Guru's match of the week on flowrestling, Igali vs McIlravy for the 1999 world title.

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    Default Re: Good Matches from the other forum... Gatsalov vs Makhov! Makhov vs Iranian, hard to believe this is a world final.
    Askren vs Scott Owen, Askren puts on a clinic of counter offence. Appears to tell the referee "hey, watch this" before trying defensive roll at 2:33.
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    Pendleton vs Herbert. Great match, but missing last few seconds. I think Pendleton pinned him somehow in that time, anyone got details? F11CB&index=30
    Herbert vs Hrovat. I especially liked the run-away-to-shot technique at 2:56.
    Sanderson vs Rosholt. As one of the comments points out, that's 7 NCAA titles on the mat!

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    Sorry if this is posted earlier, Karam Gaber vs Mehmet Ozal at 2002 World Championships

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