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Thread: Good Matches

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    Tons of points scored in these matches from the Europeans'FS'
    Israpilov vs Jabuyran'FS'
    Israpilov vs Cochashvili'60'
    Huseynov vs Kurdani'74'
    Terziev vs Shykka
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    Default Re: Good Matches'66'
    Guenot vs Tskhadia- olympic champ gets head lock pinned, despite the best efforts of the refs to screw it up!'60'
    Albiev pulls a couple of "I can't believe it worked at this level" moves on Diaconnu
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    Yang vs Sevdimov, Olympic games.'55'
    Cejudo vs Gochashvilli, Olympic games. Good offensive variety by both guys.

    So... Yang vs Cejudo, who wins? My bet's on Cejudo, he seems a little slicker and he's in good enough shape to withstand Yang's pressure.

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    at a feast in a bulgarian village

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    That was awesome Azkent!!! Gives new meaning to the term "mud wrestling".
    Muhtarbekuly pisses of Kudukhov

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    Sunkist Matches:
    Askren vs Gavin. Lots of ground points scored in this match. Hazewinkel vs McKnight. Anyone know why Haze switched to freestyle?
    South Africa's Barnes vs Mitch Mueller

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    Best win of Mr Gallick's career? Vs Obadasi Tevfik
    Pliev vs Zilberman Canadian nationals, one of the more active 1-0,1-0 big guy matches you'll see
    oops! Jantzen turns the wrong way vs Ware
    one of many Francis vs Adamson matches, Canadian nationals
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    old random Adam Saitiev match. Not sure who "Gruzin" is but apparently he's pretty tough
    Herbert vs Luedke. Nice trap-arm gut wrench in this match.
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