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Thread: Good Matches

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    Great matches, thank you once again arm-spin!
    Nyblom was just way too short for Sourian.

    The winner of 96-kilo's put up good matches, great action in the standup part.'96'
    Kiss vs Hassler'96'
    Kiss vs Saldadze'96'
    Kiss vs Ali Akbari

    Khustov vs Nozadze is always a great duel'96'
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    What arm throws by Kiss!! Unfortunately he'll be scouted by others next year so I wonder if he'll be able to pull that off again.

    74 kg: Not flashy then dramatic, both of these are decided by a last-second reversal. People were saying Madsen's match was controversial, but I don't see how unless he fouled a leg on a step over. As for the Polish wrestler... wow, what a tough way to lose. The Madsen/Cebi final was posted earlier.'74'
    Madsen vs Alizadeh'74'
    Cebi vs Kwit'74'
    Lester vs Huseynov. Definitely not Lester's best work, but some nice throws by Huseynov. Probably still pissed off about the Madsen loss, where he was cautioned for grabbing fingers. From the angle of the video it's hard to see if he really was grabbing fingers or just the hand, but he probably should have let go when the referee started yapping at him.

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    Khustov vs Nozadze was great.

    khustov is an amimal for taking top right after he gave up a point. that takes balls. so then he doesn't score and goes up to his feet. most guys get sour and pack it in. this beast turns it up and scores 3. amazing.

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    Yeah Khustov haves tremendous desire to win, but in the semi-final match against the swede he did mistake that isn't normal for him'96'

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    Ya the first period of that match looked like a high school bout, not a world semifinal. Wierd.

    66 kg:'66'
    Mansurov seems to be the Sokhiev of the greco tournament, winning several close
    and ugly matches, including a very questionable leg foul in the final. He does hit a pretty nice headlock in this match.'66'
    India vs Sweden, some agressive standing wrestling in this one. I guess India doesn't believe in cutting wieght, all their guys look small next to their opponents.

    84 kg: final is posted earlier.'84'
    Avluca vs Choi, Korea. Huge slam to a fall. I don't think Avluca gave up a point; no standing wrestling to speak of, gives up nothing on bottom, can't be stopped on top. Simple but effective.

    60 kg: final also posted earlier.'60'
    Albiev vs Tengysbaev, semifinals. Only the first period has good action, but for once Albiev gets pushed to the limit. Usually it seems like he isn't even trying.'60'
    Barzeghyn vs Sucu, kind of an odd match but one with some nice techniques.

    120 kg.'120'
    Lopez vs Parenno, one of several where he just plays around. Wish he'd go back to reverse lifting, but has some pretty nifty moves anyway.'120'
    Schmidt (Germany) vs the Georgian. German guy looks mean, very physical wrestler.'120'
    Byers vs Lopez, full match.

    Overall, I thought the greco this year was much more entertaining- as well as more competitive- than the freestyle.
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    I am glad that there was way more action from standing this year. The Rules are much better now in Greco, but they could be even better. Fortunately it's looking like wrestling again after the ball grab -era.
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    is this one good?

    romero vs. taimuraz kochiev, 2004 world cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    is this one good?

    romero vs. taimuraz kochiev, 2004 world cup
    It`s more grappling than wrestling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor5 View Post
    It`s more grappling than wrestling.
    Ya, joint locks and everything. It is, also, a better match than any of the ones I 'm going to put up now Funny that Romero loses in all the matches found online, even though he's a big stud in reality.

    74 kg freestyle
    Tsargush vs Goudrazi. Tsargush is another guy who doens't really have a spectacular match that I've watched at these WC, but I do like his calm demeanor and ability to score when needed.'74'
    Chama vs Kumar.'74'
    Kumar vs Burca. What a way to win- or lose- a medal, unreal!

    Some of the potentially excellent matches aren't loading properly for me, hopefully that changes soon.

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