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Thread: Good Matches

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    it also shows his character instead of some top wrestlers who dont want to wrestle but just the victory...
    my respect gained for this georgian german

    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    This could be one of the best matches of the day. Bichin is from the ?old generation? of East European wrestlers ? aggressive, attacking during the whole match. And he loves when also his opponents wrestle in the same way. I remember seeing him few minutes after he won his first German nationals in 2004. He was sitting in a corner of the training hall. I went to him to congratulate him and I saw him crying. He said he was unhappy because his opponent in the finals wrestled defensively and the match wasn't good. Can you picture that? A man, 29, an experienced wrestler crying like a small child because somebody has spoiled the game.
    Another story Genadii Laliev often tells: They wrestled in the finals of a tourney 3-4 years ago. The match was like that one we watched in the 84 final a day ago: Bichin in the role of Hebert and Laliev in the role of Sokhiev. Laliev says - the entire match Bichin was shouting to him: baris! baris! (wrestle! wrestle!)
    Is there a video of Herbert v. Bichin at 2008 Dave Schultz?

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    The "real" 60 kg final. Fedorishin vs Kudkukov. Good action considering the low score. e2=match_poids='84'

    Herbert vs Gadisov. Anyone know what the deal was with Herbert's shoulder? Great mental toughness shown, not only does he hurt his arm but he's also getting his butt kicked in the first half of the match... then he comes back.'60'
    Huseynov vs Maeda. This is more like it! Great match in both the standing and ground positions.
    Mahkov vs Masoumi. Mahkov must be incredibly strong, he just manhandles his opponent like nothing.
    My quest to find a Sohkiev match that doesn't totally suck ends with this one against Mindo from an earlier year... seriously, who can beat Aldatov but still get into a clinch with Venezuela?

    P.S. With all the predictions I got wrong this year, at least I got this one right... Aldatov loses to a less offensively talented but more powerful clinchmaster.
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    is anyone else having a problem with watching herbert v gadisov? mine just simply wont load on both internet explorer and firefox

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    The whole webtv thing sucks for me. I got that one to load, but others (like Sokhiev/Aldatov) keep not working.
    Chama vs Tsargush. Two questions come to mind:
    a) Is there a better scrambler anywhere than Tsargush?
    b) why do they insist on waiting to the 1:30 period of each match to start wrestling? This could have been an all-time great match if they just went after it.
    Rough draw for Van Huystien from South Africa. After losing to Gatsalov he gets this match vs Gogchelidze. Ouch.

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    all i can say about tsargush' leg defence is wow, only people i have ever seen take him down successfully (not pushing him out of bounds) is murtazaliev and aldatov

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    First off, Tsargush totally jumped the whistle on the clinch. He already had the switch and took Chamsik to his right knee BEFORE the whistle had even blown. Tsargush started the action in the clinch not Chamsik. That ref screwed up.

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    Agreed, he totally cheated. He's still a good scrambler, but he got away with one there for sure.

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    The greco matches are actually pretty good! (at least in highlight form, my computer is having trouble with the complete video.)
    55 kg finals. Sourian must cut a ton of weight, he's sooo tall at 55 kg. Clearly uses it to his advantage.
    60 kg. Albiev makes it look so easy, he always appears to be playing around in his matches. I'd love to see a "super fight" between him and Sourian!
    84 kg. Avucla hits a huge throw to win it!
    96 kg. The gut wrench seems to be the move of choice now... I'm glad the last period was won on an offensive move and not a defense point.

    This Kiss guy... was he one of the favorites or did he come out of nowhere?

    I'll re-post these because the fila links suck and won't work properly.
    Yang vs Agkul
    Stadnik vs Spiridonov
    Paulson vs Spiridonov
    Gazumov vs Gatsalov
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