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Thread: Caldwell beats Schwab

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    Default Caldwell beats Schwab

    1-0/2-1 in the first round of the challenge tournament.

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    Default Re: Caldwell beats Schwab

    From what I've read on themat, it sounds like it was a rather dominant victory. Who knows, though; emotions can easily taint an account of a Caldwell vs. Iowa match.

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    Default Re: Caldwell beats Schwab

    I have no issues with Iowa..... Caldwell was too quick on his feet and got in on Schwabs leg a lot. Caldwell also wrestled composed with good defense. He dominated.
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    Default Re: Caldwell beats Schwab

    Wow, this is a very impressive victory for a guy who has barely wrestled freestyle in the last few years. Future is bright for Caldwell...

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    Default Re: Caldwell beats Schwab

    Most impressive win to date(in my opinion)
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