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Thread: Buvaisar Saitiev Retires

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    Default Buvaisar Saitiev Retires

    Three-times Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Buvaisar Saitiev has decided to retire after a career that has spaned nearly two decades.

    Saitiev, 34, one of only three wrestlers to have won three Olympic titles, was thinking of bidding for a record fourth gold at the 2012 Games in London but then changed his mind.

    "I'm not sure I can still compete at the highest level," the Chechen, who won Olympic gold in Atlanta in 1996, in Athens in 2004 and last year in Beijing, told reporters in his home town of Krasnoyarsk.

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    It was a pleasure to watch him compete..
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    One of the greatest wresters EVER!
    1996 olympic final
    2004 olympic final- total domination
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    dang. Gonna miss that guy.
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    i thought he was gonna stick around and try and break the record for most gold medals in freestyle, i even heard it from the #2 russians at 66 and 84, guess he just doesnt care anymore

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    its gonna suck to see him leave.

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    Will definitely miss watching him, but I'll be looking forward to seeing Murtazaliev and Tsargush continue to emerge.

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    Goat Indeed Jensen. More will follow, hopefully from Team USA.
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    It could be that Murta follows in his footsteps. How many losses does that guy have in his senior career... 3? I count one to Saitiev at the nationals, one in a world championship and 1 at the olympics. His losses just seem to come at bad times.

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