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    Dunno if this one's been posted before. Karelin's strength is just unreal, he totally wears his opponent down from standing before going to work on top at 3:00 of this video.

    feel free to post more Karelin videos, or any great greco-roman matches!

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    wow, everytime I see a Karelin vid, I am amazed at what that dude could do. he picked up Pittman with such ease, it was like me picking up my son.

    Is that the same Craig Pittman that was a pro wrestler?
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    Man, as soon as he gets that first TD, turn out the lights.

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    Usually when you see throws you are thinking...... cool. With this guy you are thinking, "is that guy okay?" I also like the way he picks him up, wanders to the middle of the mat to throw, so he gets to lift him, and pile drive him.

    I would have grabbed his legs.
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    I've watched this video a hundred times. It never gets old. Too bad there is such little footage of him. I know there are more videos of his matches out there somewhere.

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    Here are some 5 point throws by Karelin in this video:

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    Damn, that's the first time when I saw Karelin doing other kind of 5-pointer than the reverse belt lift! Very nice video!

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    Man, those reverse lifts look familier! Only time I can say that I was truely afraid for my safety on the mat.

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