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Discuss New Wrestling Video... at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Ok so this is my newest video. Def not as good as my last one ...
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    Ok so this is my newest video. Def not as good as my last one but i hope you guys still enjoy... I kinda got bored with it after I started which is probably why its not to flashy. ah well. Ill throw the link to my old video in there just in case you havent seen it. For those of you who dont know Buvaisar Saitiev is a 3 time olympic gold medalist, 6 time World gold medalist, and 6 time European gold medalist, Widely considered the best freestyle wrestler of all time.

    My old video can be watched here: [ame=""] [/ame]

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    i would love to see satiev wrestle collegiate. that backwards peterson was slick.

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    Wow that's a lot of world medallist getting the snot kicked out of them. Fundora, especially, must be getting real sick of seeing Saitiev on the mat.

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