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Thread: Women off to a good start

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    You towered over her? I feel taller already.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by quick_single View Post
    Holy crap! That Colombian is something else. You see her attempt that double over salto???
    That was sick. I was hoping the Colombian would pull off the upset to bring Marcie back in.

    Chun looked really good. She wrestled Icho tough but couldn't pull it off. Let's hope she can take the bronze, but she has a tough task ahead of her as she has Merlini (Ukraine) on her side of the bracket in the bronze medal bout. But Clarissa looks awesome, I hope she wins!

    I am looking forward to seeing Randi tomorrow. I am also nervous as heck and probably won't sleep!

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    I really like Marcie and don't want to take anything away from her, but she looked really flat in both matches. I know it's the biggest stage in the world, but for such an aggressive wrestler it must have been frustrating for her not to be able to show her prowess on top. She never rally had a chance to turn anyone, but was so close at the end of the second match. There were a couple moments in both matches were she looked hesitant (a couple time just falling to her knees and getting spun on.

    I don't mean to be critical, she's a great wrestler and a great ambassador for the sport.

    The Columbian looked tough and could scramble or power out of situations, but also looked very green at times, does she have a lot of experience?

    Clarissa did very well, and proved she belongs on the world stage. I think she can win the bronze.

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    I think Marcie just got off slow and settled in and came back int he first match, second match I don't think she was as much flat as the Columbian girl was just so damn awkward and funky. She adjusted to that outside single 2nd period but just got out scrambled late. She had her buried towards the end and relaxed and got stepped over.

    Ultimately that's what caused the COL girl to loose was her step overs against the better positioned wrestler in the semi's
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    Well at least the canadian women are doing good so far

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    Congrats Carol! She was dominant in her final match and now is Canada's 2nd olympic champion ever in wrestling.

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    lol yes our 2nd olympic champion, might not compare to the countless olympic champions off USA or russia but we are slowly progressing

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    Huyhn looked unbeatable the whole tournament (that I saw). Congratulations to her and Canada. Guelph has never been so proud. =)

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    I was talking to Canadian friend yesterday and he said that Canada hasn't won a single medal so far, so this should be big news in Canada.

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