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Thread: where can i see photos from the matches?

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    Default where can i see photos from the matches?

    i need alot of photos from the higher weights..

    from 84 96 and 120..

    help will be appreciated

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    Default Re: where can i see photos from the matches?

    Here's a story from TheMat...

    Gary Abbott USA Wrestling
    08/14/2008 Related Links
    Olympics Special Section

    American wrestling fans have the opportunity to enjoy some outstanding wrestling pictures from the Beijing Olympics.

    Three of the world's best wrestling photographers who regularly shoot U.S. wrestling action are credentialed and shooting images in Beijing. Talented photographers John Sachs, Larry Slater and Duncan Heath are shooting and posting outstanding pictures of our wrestlers in action, along with other Beijing photos.

    Links to these photo galleries can be found in special section, from the menu bar on the left side of the page.

    To see their pictures directly, you can also follow these links:

    John Sachs Olympic wrestling photos

    Larry Slater Olympic wrestling photos

    Duncan Heath Olympic wrestling photos,%20Beijing

    As you may have noticed, has also been posting photos on a daily basis from Beijing. The focus of these photos is to bring the behind the scene images of the Olympics to you, rather than action photography. See what it is like to be in Beijing with the wrestlers by visiting Gallery at: has also established an extensive photo gallery from the wrestling venue, with pictures from each day of action. Visit their photo gallery at:

    NOTE: Many of these galleries tend to be USA-centric, focusing on US wrestlers. You might also try image searches at and and try stock photography service Getty Images (in the past they have had great Olympic photos) at


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    Default Re: where can i see photos from the matches?

    wow thanks!

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