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Discuss Weigh-In Day 48 Kg And 55 Kg By Terry Steiner at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; GEIA SAS! (Greek - Hello)KALIMERA! (Greek - Good Morning)Weigh-In Day 48 kg and 55 kg- ...
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    Default Weigh-In Day 48 Kg And 55 Kg By Terry Steiner

    GEIA SAS! (Greek - Hello)KALIMERA! (Greek - Good Morning)Weigh-In Day 48 kg and 55 kg- The girls have weighed-in and the brackets are set. Clarissa Chun will face Matsson from Sweden first round and Marcie Van Dusen will face Synyshyn from Ukraine in the first round - They must win 3 matches each tomorrow morning to make it to the Gold Medal Matches, tomorrow evening. You can go to: - for the full bracket. This is USA Wrestling's Official website.Like I have stated before, It is our belief that when an athlete makes a US Team they are prepared & ready to medal. Tomorrow we must step on the mat with an aggresive, attacking mindset, if we do that we can wrestle with anybody.Did You Know? China Fun Facts- Ice Cream was invented in China around the second century B.C. When the Chinese packed a soft milk and rice mixture in snow.- Animals Native to China: Pandas, tigers, dolphins, monkeys, alligators, reindeer, yaks, and snow leopards- The Great Wall is 4,000 Miles Long and was begun in 231 B.C.- China has 20% of the world population. Yes, that means 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. I don't know about you but that is mind blowing to think about.- Although China spans over 4,000 miles, the entire country observes one time, Standard China Time.- Beijing, the capital city, has more than 15 Million People.- In 1990 McDonalds Opens it first restaurant in China. In 2008 McDonalds opened its 1,000 restaurant in China.- As of 1980, a family in China can have only one child. Before this time, it was ok to have more than one child. There are exceptions to the rule:1- A husband and a wife that both come from families inwhich, they were the only child, can have more than one child. The main reason for this is so that the burden of taking care of 4 grandparents and 2 parents is not left to one person.2- Families from rural China can have more than one child but the children must be more than 5 years apart in age.- A family that choses not to have children is called "Ding Ke". This is for the same reasons people do not have children in the US and around the world; careers, financial reasons, family and so on.- One of the differences, in China, than in the USA, is that the grandparents take care of the grandchildren while they are young maybe until they are done with High Middle School (High School). The country is very family oriented.- Before 2002, a college student either had to be married before he/she started college or they had to wait until they were finished with college. Now, it is fine to be married during college studies.- The educational system in China is similar to that of the USA but there are differences.-1) There is no Home Schooling in China-2) School is free through primary school (grades 1-6), and middle school (grades 7-9). Once a student reaches high middle school (high school - grades 10-12) they must pay a fee of about 100 RMB per year. 4 years of College cost about4,000 RMB per year. 3 years to get a masters cost about 4,000 per year but the government will give every student about 200 to 300 RMB per month to help pay for these costs. 3 years to get a doctorate will cost about 4,000 RMB but again every student will get a check from the government of maybe 500 to 600 RMB to help pay for the costs.China definitely wants people to get a great education. So it invests in its young people and keeps the costs low.- Here is a staggering figure - 40% of Chinese Students that go to College, will go to college abroad.It is time to do some video before we get going tomorrow.Over and Out!ANTIO! (Greek - Good Bye)

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    Default Re: Weigh-In Day 48 Kg And 55 Kg By Terry Steiner

    A family that choses not to have children is called "Ding Ke".

    Is this the same as the DINK (Double Income, No Kids)

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