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Thread: Van Dusen and Yoshida

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    Default Van Dusen and Yoshida

    Are on opposite sides of the bracket, so another match up between these two for the Gold Medal is possible.

    Van Dusen broke Yoshida's 6 year winning streak earlier in the year.

    While I'll admittedly say I usually don't pay a ton of attention to the women, this will be a match up I'm definitely watching out for and am excited about.

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    wheres the draw?

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    Champions are made while no one is watching.

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    Default Re: Van Dusen and Yoshida

    Don't worry...Yoshida won't be making the final. Verbeek is getting closer each time and I think its her tournament.

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    I hope so, i trained with her all year and this looks to be her final year so i hope she beats her, and thanks for the draw

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    Holy crap what a bracket! Yoshida and Karlsson are going first round (1 & 2 in the world last year) and winner has Golts in the 1/4.

    On the bottom Van Dusen has the Ukrainian 1st rd that beat her at last year's worlds. I think she got teched.

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